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What hurdles do I need? Which sprint training is the right one for me? All these questions and much more can be answered in our sales advisor.


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UltraSlide Slideboard - 2,5 m

999 , 95*

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BlazePod Bundle Trainer (Set)

645 , 34* €679.30*

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BlazePod Bundle Standard (Set)

484 , 03* €509.50*

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BlazePod Trainer Kit

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BlazePod Standard Kit

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Drive Sled II - Gewichtsschlitten

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PB Speed Drive Sled weight sled

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Mini-Slide Training Board - Mini-Slide Training Board

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GameSpeed 360

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DC Blocks (2 Stück = 1 Paar)

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BlazePod Single Pod (spare part)

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PB Speed Drive Sled weight sled single handles pair (accessory)

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Drive Sled II Accessories

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Power-Hürde (Stk.)

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Mybimaxx Bandagen Set Arm Größe 1 (26-28 cm) Schwarz

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Mybimaxx Bandagen Set Bein Größe 1 (48-54 cm) Schwarz

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TRX Agility Ladder

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BlazePod Wall Mount Adaptor Duo (accessory)

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TRX Rip Resistance Cords

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Pro Padded Harness Schultergeschirr

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Exercise Wheel

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PB Agility Cones

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PB Speed Drive Sled weight sled pull strap (accessory)

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You're not sure which equipment is the right one? 

Read our sales advisor and find out all you need to know about athletic training. In addition to exercises, training tips and product recommendations, you will also find suitable exercises for your level. 


Chapter 1

Resistance training - A strong torso is key

Resistance training is based on the principle that muscles of the body work to overcome an external resistance force when they are asked to do so.

This external resistance can be generated, for example, by special resistance trainers such as tubes or resistance bands.

The advantages of resistance training

  • Regular training against resistance requires the strengthening of muscles and the improvement of mobility and flexibility.
  • Increasing muscle strength and tension to protect the joints
  • High calorie consumption through the use of whole muscle chains
  • Increase of stability and flexibility
  • Improvement of acceleration speed, reaction and explosive power
  • Increase of endurance performance (strengthening of the cardiovascular system)
  • How are resistance trainers used?

Whether arms, shoulders, back, abdomen or legs, with the Resistance Trainer you can do both targeted strengthening exercises and light stretching exercises. By using different strengths, the appropriate resistance can be continuously increased from training unit to training unit, thus increasing the training efficiency.

Chapter 2

Types of resistance trainers

Classical super bands and mini bands are the basis of a good training - you can find detailed advice and information HERE >>>.

But what are the differences between resistance trainers or also called resistance trainers?

Resistor strips from Stroops®

Stroops Resistance Trainers are specifically designed to improve the fundamental movement skills of every athlete. The best known is the orange resistance band, the Slastix Clip. It is ideal for stretching and strengthening shoulder, chest, arm and back muscles. Thanks to the different resistance levels you can train according to your level of fitness.

TRX ® Resistance Rip Trainer

The Rip Trainer is a training pole with integrated resistance band, which is attached to an anchor point. The main training principle is to work against the asymmetric resistance of the elastic band on the body. Due to the alternation between static force application and powerful dynamic movement from the entire body, strength, endurance, coordination and above all torso stability can be built up effectively with many different exercise combinations. With the Rip Trainer you can train imbalances in such a way that weak points become strengths. Resistance training with the Rip Trainer is particularly suitable for sports such as tennis, rowing or golf. The rotation and repetitive movements can be simulated here under resistance.

GUN-eX® resistance rope

The training system of GUN-eX consists of several individual parts. The main component is a long, elastic resistance rope, which can be stretched up to three times its initial length. The Cobra resistance band is available in two thicknesses and can therefore be selected according to the individual training level. Through the use of different resistance straps, the GUN-eX system is primarily used to train sprint and explosive strength. The Cobra is anchored at a fixed point and attached to the hip or shoulder belt with a carabiner. Then sprints, jumps and plyometric exercises are used to train against resistance.

Lateral Resistance Trainer

The Lateral Resistance Trainer consists of two padded foot cuffs with Velcro fasteners, which are connected by a resistance band. The Lateral Resistance Trainer is the ideal tool for improving lateral speed, strengthening leg muscles and increasing joint stability. It is ideal for effective training of sidewalks, shuffles and monster walks.

Chapter 3

Athletic Training Book Recommendations

With athletic training you can achieve many different goals. However, it takes a lot of practice before you can fully master free exercises and train safely. Books are a good way to learn more.

Our Book Recommendations

We recommend the following books to expand your knowledge in athletic training:

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Animal Athletics (Buch)

19 , 99*

few available
Athletic Body in Balance Book

26 , 69*

few available
Athletiktraining fürs Klettern und Bouldern (Buch)

19 , 99*

48 Article available
Bodyshaping mit dem Fitnessband (Buch)

19 , 99*

Sold out
Functional Training – Erweiterte und komplett überarbeitete Neuausgabe (Buch)

29 , 99*