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Everjump - More than just a Skipping Rope

Burn fat and build muscle at the same time - thanks to Everjump with just one device. The workout is as individual as you are and adapts to your personal needs.

The Everjump Sets

Our Everjump sets for all fitness levels!

Beginner Set

Melt Set

To the Product

Grow Set

Shape Set

The advantages at a glance

  • Everclip® System: The Everclip® system allows you to quickly switch between light and heavy ropes. The basic requirement for a versatile and effective workout.
  • Evergrip® Surface: The handles made of high-quality metal core and the Evergrip surface offer you optimal grip without slipping and are extremely robust.
  • Ball bearings: The handles run cleanly thanks to the high-quality ball bearings and allow a unique jumping experience.
  • Bluetooth: The Connected grips transmit the rope turns to the app and help you unleash your full potential
  • Everjump App: With the app, you get an impressive selection of workouts, cleverly designed 12-week programs to get fit and lean, and challenges to push you to your limit - all in one app. Anytime. Everywhere.

The Everjump ropes

Choose the jump rope that suits you! Get the perfect addition to your set

Rope – 125gr

Rope – 225gr

Rope – 325gr

Rope – 600gr

The Everjump App

Over 500 workouts, challenges & training programs. Record your rope turns with Connected Grips and compete against the community. Work out with the app anytime, anywhere - when and where you want.

The app is free in the basic version. If you want to use all the features and unlock many programs and challenges, you can sign up for a paid premium subscription.

Download Everjump App for Android 

Download Everjump App for iOS

All Everjump Products

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Everjump Connected Beginner Set M

from 84 , 03* from €89.99*

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Everjump Connected Melt Set M

from 117 , 64* from €125.99*

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Everjump Connected Grow Set M

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Everjump Connected Shape Set S

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Everjump rope - 125gr - M

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Everjump rope - 225gr - M

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Everjump rope - 325gr - L

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Everjump rope - 600gr - S

from 58 , 82* from €62.99*

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Everjump Evermat

84 , 03* €89.99*