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All about training with balls

Which ball is the right one for you? What kind of exercises are there and which ball is best for your training? All these questions and much more will be answered in our sales advisor.


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You're not sure which equipment is the right one? 

Read our sales advisor and learn all about training with balls. In addition to exercises, training tips and product recommendations, you will also find suitable training plans for your level. 


Chapter 1

Training with balls

In school sports, as well as in the training schedule of a professional athlete, a ball should not be missing. Balls are even a real fitness insider tip, because they spice up any boring training.

Even simple exercises are therefore a whole body workout.

What is training with balls good for?

A workout with balls trains the coordination and strength of an athlete. Although balls are often seen as toys, they can be used to train the whole body intensively and effectively.

There are different types of balls for optimal training:

Gymnastics balls, medicine balls & slam balls.

What the special features are and how you can integrate balls into your everyday life or your training, you will find out in the further course of our purchase advisor.

Chapter 2

What are gymnastic balls?

Whether in the office or in functional training, the gymnastics ball is an all-purpose means to train health, endurance and body.

What can a gym ball help you with?

With the gym ball you can train your whole body intensively. Because you have to keep your balance all the time, several muscle groups are required at the same time and especially the trunk muscles are extremely stressed.

Because sitting on the gym ball relieves the legs in particular, it is usually recommended for pregnant women, beginners or people with back problems. However, the ball can just as well be integrated into a demanding fitness program.

Which gymnastic ball for which height?

Body size Ball size

  • up to 140 cm: 45 cm
  • up to 155 cm: 55 cm
  • up to 175 cm: 65 cm
  • up to 185 cm: 75 cm
  • up to 200 cm: 85 cm
  • to 215 cm:  95 cm

The gymnastic ball for the office

To improve your back posture during work and bring a little variety to your boring office routine, you can swap your office chair for a gym ball. However, you should adjust the height of your office desk to the height of the ball. 

And it is also important: You should not sit on a gymnastic ball for more than 30 minutes in the office, because the sitting ball does you more harm than good after a longer period of time. 

The gym ball for training: 

The gym ball is a great training tool that even professional athletes use for their training to effectively train the whole body with as little effort as possible.

Chapter 3

What are medicine balls?

The medicine ball is the perfect training gadget for functional training. It is versatile and therefore a perfect investment for the homegym.

What makes a medicine ball?

A medicine ball is a large heavy weight ball that is suitable for CrossFit training to strengthen the body muscles. It is used in school sports but also in a real workout to become strong and flexible.

A medicine ball can be divided into soft medicine balls and standard medicine balls. The former are, as the name suggests, softer, but have a larger diameter.

For whom is a workout with the medicine ball suitable?

Training with the medicine ball is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced students. It only needs to have the right weight for you so that it can be adapted to your training level.

Which medicine ball is the right one? 

Our recommendation for women:

Beginners should start with a weight of about 2 kg. Advanced users can train very well with a weight of about 4 kg. 

Our recommendation for men: 

Beginners should start with a weight of about 4 kg. For advanced users, a weight of 6 kg and up is very suitable. 

You want to train with a medicine ball as well? Here is a video for you that shows you how:

Chapter 4

What are Slam Balls?

For a more demanding strength training with a ball, there are so-called slam balls. These are a more modern version of the medicine ball. And versatile. So the perfect training device for every athlete.

What is a Slam Ball?

A slam ball is a durable ball that was developed primarily for throwing exercises. The outer layer of the slam ball consists mainly of a layer of rubber compound, which is very durable.

Due to a special mixture of outer layer and filling, the ball does not bounce back when thrown against the wall or floor, but stays on the floor.

For whom is a Slam Ball suitable?

A slam ball is suitable for every fitness level due to its availability in different weight categories. With this type of ball you can create a demanding weight training with little effort. The focus of these exercises is on improving the speed power, i.e. the ability of the ball to deliver the strongest possible force impact. Especially the trunk and the abdominal muscles are trained during a workout with the Slam Ball.

You want to get fit by training with Slam Balls? Great, because here is a video for you that shows you how:

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