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PB Steel - High Quality Rigs & Racks for your Gym

Our gym rigs & racks are made in Denmark from high quality steel and feature a wide range of attachments & custom options. Whether for home gyms, fitness studios, performance centers, crossfit boxing or professional teams - the customization possibilities of our PB Steel Rigs & Racks are almost endless and convince with their robustness & premium quality.

All designs are individual and can be customized to fit any budget.
Of course, standard options are also available for you.

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Design your PB Steel Rig or Rack now

Depending on the configuration, all our rigs & racks are ideal for squatting, benching, muscle ups, pull ups, calisthaenics, TRX, ring attachments and more. Determine your installation type: wall mount, floor mount or freestanding. Then choose your desired set from the attachment options: J-Cups, Landmine, Jump Plate, Dip Station, Safety Spotter, Wing Attachment, Monkeybar, Wall Bars, Plate Storage, Ball Targets and more.

Looking for a new centerpiece for your functional zone?
Then PB Steel is the modular rig system for you.

  • Custom & Standard Options
  • Maximum color variety
  • Wide range of attachments
  • High quality steel 80x80mm/ 4mm thickness
  • Robustness
  • Laser cut & powder coated
  • Logo Branding
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Premium Quality
  • Made in Europe

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And best of all... our PB experts will train your team on your new funcitonal surface!
Don't hesitate and contact our PB Steel experts for more information.

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Unsere PB Steel Produkte

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7 Available
PB Steel Squat Rack XS

649 . 95*

7 Available
PB Steel Squat Rack S

799 . 95*

Sold out
PB Steel Squat Rack M

1.299 . 95*

4 Available
PB Steel Home Squat Stand

379 . 95*

Low stock
PB Steel flat bench

249 . 95*

Sold out
PB Steel Multi Storage Shelving System - Mix (Set)

ab 709 . 95*

Sold out
PB Steel Squat Rack Plate Pin (Accessories)

44 . 95*

Low stock
PB Steel Squat Rack Safety Spotter (Accessories)

349 . 95*

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