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You're not sure which equipment is the right one? 

Read our sales advisor and discover our mat selection and what you should look out for before you buy. 


Chapter 1

The right Mat for every Situation

No matter for what purpose: whether at home, as a yoga mat or in the gym - a gymnastic mat provides the perfect cushioning for a successful workout in any situation and at any training location.

A high-quality exercise mat guarantees optimal cushioning at all times and in all situations.


The right mat for every situation

Different areas of application naturally also require different demands on a gymnastics mat, for example cushioning. Every gymnastic mat, for example from Airex, meets the highest quality standards, which are checked regularly. The different designs guarantee a comfortable training mat with excellent cushioning at all times. The individual mats differ in length and thickness depending on the model. This also has an effect on the cushioning and therefore on your yoga or training session.

To determine the correct size and thickness of your exercise mat, it is worth taking a look at the areas of application and predominant use before you simply buy any mat. Smaller gymnastic mats can be easily rolled up and transported and are therefore perfectly suitable to be used as a yoga mat and gymnastic mat in the club, at home or in a studio.

 A gymnastic mat with a slightly higher width is the optimal tool when working with patients in rehabilitation and therapy.

The cushioning of your mat is determined by the thickness. If the gymnastic mat is transported a lot, a thinner mat is recommended. Thicker mats, on the other hand, are normally intended to be moved from place to place less often - but offer better protection against cold and allow the athlete to train more gently for the joints.

Tip: The Fitline from Airex is an all-rounder and is suitable for almost all applications.

Chapter 2

How thick should your mat be?

The offer in the mat cosmos differs mainly in length, width and thickness.

Because the damping is determined by these factors.

Our range of mats is designed to meet the most diverse needs.

There are special yoga mats and fitness mats, which also differ in their cushioning. Pure yoga mats normally have a not so big thickness. However, in order to protect the joints and to ensure stability, yoga mats are produced in a certain firmness, which guarantees a good damping.

A yoga mat must also be easy to transport, because it is always rolled up to train in different places.

For Pilates, it is recommended to choose a mat with good cushioning because many exercises are static. However, the increased thickness of such a gym mat also increases the weight.

Chapter 3

The ideal length and width of your mat

The decisive factor for the choice of size and length of your gym mat is your own body size.

This chapter will tell you exactly what you need to pay attention to.

Normally 180 cm length is the standard. From a body height of over 170 cm it is recommended to use a longer gymnastic mat. No matter whether in school sports or with pure yoga mats, a mat should always be long enough to lie on it in a relaxed position.

For most people a width of 60 cm to 70 cm is usually sufficient. However, it must always be considered for which purposes the exercise mat should be used. A narrower gymnastic mat makes sense and is sufficient for sports where there is little movement or exercises in static form.

A gymnastic mat with a width of up to 100 cm is ideal for applications with a lot of movement. It should be noted that the transport properties of the various gymnastic mats are naturally defined by their weight. Therefore, the thickness, length and width are best determined individually. 

Chapter 4

Advantages of gymnastic mats

When used regularly and intensively, e.g. for school sports, as a yoga mat or fitness mats in a studio, the mats often get dirty.

But this is no reason to worry, because this is exactly what the different models were designed and developed for! Every gymnastic mat from Airex is robust and easy to clean. The composition of the innovative foam, from which the Fitline and all other mats of the brand Airex are made, offers protection against bacteria and fungal attack.

Easy storage 

Individual mats can be easily rolled up to save space. Several mats, e.g. when used as a yoga mat in the studio, should be stacked or hung over a suitable mat stand. Many gymnastic mats from Airex, e.g. also the Fitline, have eyelets which are designed to hang the gymnastic mat on a special device. 

To make sure that a gymnastic mat always lies flat and forms an even base with good damping, it is advisable to unroll it some time before the actual training. This process can be accelerated, for example, by placing small weights - a water bottle is sufficient here - on the gym mat. The side of the gym mat that was inside when rolled up should now form the underside. This prevents the mat from rolling up again by itself.  

In addition, the weight of the mat allows a higher efficiency. So you can be sure that the yoga mat or fitness mat lies perfectly and offers optimal cushioning when the workout starts. The Fitline from Airex is often a classic. 

If the gym mat is to be rolled up between two training sessions, it is recommended to consider the following point: a constant change between the inside and outside of the mat helps enormously to shorten the time of flattening before the training and to guarantee the optimal cushioning. 

The warmer the ambient and floor temperature is, the better and faster mats from Airex & Co. can be flattened. For the use as a yoga mat at home, rooms with underfloor heating are best suited. On a sunny day it is a good idea to lay your gym mat in the sun for a few minutes.

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