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Everything about Regeneration & Mobility

How much regeneration is sensible? Which tools work best? All these questions and much more can be answered in our purchase guide

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You are unsure which equipment is the right one? 

Read through our sales advisor here and find out everything about the topic of Regeneration & Mobility.  


Chapter 1

What´s mobility training?

"Mobilization is a holistic movement-based approach that addresses all areas that may result in a limitation of mobility" - Dr. Kelly Starrett

As the name suggests, mobility training is the training of mobility - of every single joint of your body, as well as the most important structures: shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine.

Mobility Training is the training of mobility. However, the term mobility must not be used synonymously with stretching. Stretching only affects the myofascial tissue, whereas mobility training activates the muscles through targeted movements and uses joints in their entire range of motion, as well as eliminating movement restrictions of the joint capsules and ligaments. In addition, neuromuscular coordination is improved and optimal posture is achieved.
With the help of Mobility Training, joint pain and injuries can be prevented and hardened or shortened muscles loosened and loosened. Only in this way can the range of motion be increased and the full range of motion be utilized. This is not only useful for anyone who wants to maintain or increase their mobility, but also especially for strength and competitive athletes.
The performance of an athlete can only be maximum if he or she can unfold his or her power over the entire range of motion (mobility) and can also transfer it accordingly (stability). A shift in the right ratio of mobility and stability leads to inefficient movements, which result in a loss of performance and also increase the risk of injury.

What is recovery and why is it so important for the body?
Recovery or regeneration after sports is a combination of different processes that take place simultaneously in the body. Different systems in the organism are supplied with the nutrients and minerals needed for recovery. If the body does not have enough time for regeneration after training, this can lead to damage to the muscles or reduced performance in the long run.
Various regeneration methods include nutrition, fluid, cool-down, sleep, cold and heat applications, stretching and massage techniques.

Chapter 2

Vibration massage

By means of vibration massage you can boost your regeneration even faster. In the last few years the trend around massage pistols has exploded. Here we present you the absolute market leader. 

The Hypervolt Bluetooth allows the tissue to be treated at up to 3200 beats per minute. Muscle stiffness and soreness can be relieved and the blood circulation, range of motion and general health of the soft tissue can improve. The Hypervolt Bluetooth is particularly well suited to work in the areas of mobility, recovery time and fast healing after muscle injuries. 

Hypervolt Bluetooth is the new wireless vibration massage device from Hyperice. In addition to the great ease of use and futuristic design, the outstanding feature of the Hypervolt is the Quiet Glide™ technology.

Brand new is the Bluetooth function that makes your fascial massage with the Hyperice app even better. Not only does it offer you the opportunity to create an individual massage program tailored to your needs, it also contains exclusive content from top professionals as well as massage programs developed by Hyperice.

Discover the Hypervolt Bluetooth

Chapter 3

Leg Recovery System

The latest mobility tool is the Leg Recovery System developed by Normatec. It can be used both activating and relaxing. We present more details here:

The NormaTec PULSE 2.0 Leg Recovery System is the next generation of professional recovery for athletes. The Leg Recovery System quickly provides you with fresh and efficient legs, helps you to warm up before training and to recover after training and competition.

The patented technology of NormaTec, trusted by 97% of American professional teams , increases blood flow, reduces pain and tension and gives you a competitive edge. 

The PULSE 2.0 also has a Bluetooth enabled app  that allows you to seamlessly integrate your recovery unit into your training plan and control your treatment directly from your mobile phone


Chapter 4


The reflex zone massage was almost forgotten again, but is now experiencing a new blossoming. The latest research shows that reflexology specifically improves communication between the central nervous system and the body. With the Neurobord you have the perfect companion for this. 

By using the NEURO.BORD you will receive a pleasant stimulation of the reflex zones (both foot and hand reflex zones). It improves the communication between the central nervous system and the body in a targeted and direct manner.

The permanent mechanical stimulation of the skin and connective tissue by the NEURO.BORD leads to a changed tension situation (namely relaxation) of the entire skeletal musculature. This is perceived as incredibly pleasant by most users who previously had to struggle with tension.

Where can you use the NEURO.BORD everywhere?

  • Exercises with the NEURO.BORD can be easily integrated into everyday life
  • Before, during and after the training: Activate the body, use breaks, stimulate regeneration
  • During meditation and yoga

The NEURO.BORD Standard:

Our largest NEURO.BORD is perfect for everyday use. The size allows everyone to use it without restriction and to do exercises on it.

Product information: 1020 pointed pyramid, 153 wide bars, 74 cm x 33 cm, Material: beech wood


Those who can no longer do without their NEURO.BORD have found a mobile companion in the 2GO. It is just as suitable for everyday use, whether at home or on the road.

Product information: 440 pointed pyramids, 66 wide bars, 2x 14,5 cm x 33 cm, Material: beech wood

Chapter 5

Stretching in a different way

Stretching is becoming increasingly important nowadays. With less and less movement and more time spent sitting, shortened and tense muscles are the order of the day for almost everyone. How you can counteract this with a simple stick, you can find out now!

The Mobility Stick is a revolutionary training tool for improving functional mobility, posture and body awareness as well as holistic body stability. Training with the flexible stick helps to improve the range of motion and thus increases performance and mobility. The stick is an unbeatable tool for warm-up units, which serve to prepare the muscle chains for training.

It can also be used as a support during demanding stabilization exercises for controlled movement. The use of 2 Mobility Sticks is ideal for various stretching exercises, rotating motion sequences as well as challenging stability exercises. The support of the sticks helps the body and the central nervous system to adapt the new movement impulses faster and better.

The Mobility Stick is available in different lengths and in the Standard and Pro version.

Up to 180 cm body height

Standard 90 cm - ideal for children and various exercises in the core & arm area

Standard 120 cm - for core/arm exercises & warm-ups

Standard 180 cm - for stretching, balance & stability exercises of the entire musculoskeletal system

Over 180 cm body height

Standard 150 cm - for core/arm exercises & warm-ups

Standard 213 cm - for stretching, balance & stability exercises of the entire musculoskeletal system

PRO variants

Available in 180 cm - Recommended for especially trained persons and/or a body weight over 100 kg. The Pro version, with a larger diameter, requires more force to arch.

Discover the mobility stick

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