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What do I use Neuro Athletics for? Does that only make sense in competitive sports? Which exercises are there? All these questions and much more can be answered in our sales advisor.


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Neuro Stressless Set

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Neuro Stressless Set + Buch (Set)

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You want to learn more about Neuro Athletics?

Read our sales advisor and find out everything about Neuro Athletics. In addition to exercises, training tips and product recommendations you will also find suitable seminars. 


Chapter 1

What is Neuro Athletic?

Neuro Athletics refers to all neurological and neurocentered processes, including movement and pain perception, which are coordinated and controlled by the brain. If the brain is weak, this has a negative effect on your physical and mental well-being. This is where neuroathletics comes in and tries to control, especially with regard to possible obstructive complaints.

Unfortunately, despite sufficient exercise and good training methods, pain and injuries are often an integral part of everyday life. In addition to psychological problems, incorrect weight-bearing, poor posture and shortened muscles can also become a problem. The goal of neuro athletics is not only to improve performance but also to prevent injuries and improve the general state of health.
How does neuro athletics training work?
The movement sequences of an athlete allow conclusions to be drawn about brain activity. The cooperation of the eyes, for example, coordinates the accuracy of a ball sportsman. Back problems, on the other hand, can be a sign of a disturbance of the sense of balance. Neuro athletics training tools are used to address the affected areas of the brain and often achieve effective results with small daily exercises.  
It is not without reason that the German national soccer team trained together with the neuro athletics expert Lars Lienhard at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil to get the last percent of physical performance out of themselves.

Chapter 2

Which tools support Neuro Athletics training?

But what are the tools that challenge you physically and mentally and stimulate your brain areas to increase their activity? The tools are usually small, light and therefore ideal for travelling and quickly ready for use:

Pinhole glasses:

Pinhole glasses can help you reduce visual stress caused by disturbing peripheral rays on the retina. Pinhole Glasses reduce the light's dispersal circles and thus improve the depth of field when seeing. Perfectly suited for eye training preparation.  

Vision Stick:  

The Vision Stick can be used in many different ways in neuro athletic eye and balance training. Eye changes, eye movements, vergence or accommodation training can be easily and efficiently trained with the Vision Stick. It also serves as an excellent visual target for your balance training. An indispensable tool for any neuro athletic training. 

Massage Mushroom:  

The Massage Mushroom with Vibration is the handy One-Fits-All-Tool for sensory preparation of the joints and surrounding structures in Neuro Mobility Training. Its shape allows easy handling on large joints - due to the special shape of the curves between the feet - as well as targeted stimulation of smaller joints. The special surface structure on the tips of the feet allows for further sensory stimulation. The sensory pathway in neuro athletics improves the perception of joints, activates important brain structures and, through increased neuroplastic capacity, enables faster motor learning processes for more efficient movement and training. Movement control and spatial perception are increased. 

Further products and their fields of application can be found in our Neuro Athletic Sets or the Neuro Stressless Sets.

Chapter 3

What does Neuro Athletics look like in practice?

You would like to know how neuro athletics training looks like? Then watch the following video:

Wer Hochleistung im Sport bringen will, muss üben. Immer mehr Trainer und Physiotherapeuten haben beim Training nicht mehr nur die Muskeln im Blick, sondern auch das Gehirn. 
Was kann die sogenannte Neuroathletik? 

Chapter 4

Our book recommendations

As with all topics in life, it is important to acquire sound knowledge in neuro athletics training to get the most out of your training.

Therefore we recommend that you take a closer look at the following books:

Training starts with the brain:

In this book, the leading German expert Lars Lienhard shows how neuro athletics can be integrated into any sports training. 

Neuronal healing:  

Dr. Eric Cobb, the world's leading expert for neurologically oriented sports programs, Lars Lienhard, the leading expert for neuro-centered training in Europe, and Ulla Schmid-Fetzer, neuro athletics trainer, show you how the brain and nervous system control all processes in the body and can be supported by specific exercises. 

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Neuronale Heilung (Buch)

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Neurodiät (Buch)

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Training beginnt im Gehirn (Buch)

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