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Looking for a bench?

Whether at the gym, hotel or at home, a bench is essential for a multifaceted and demanding weight training with free weights. Find out what you should pay attention to and click your way to our sales advisor.


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You're not sure about what to look for in a good bench?  

Read our sales advisor here and find out which types and special features have to be considered and we will show you 10 exercises for your workout using a bench. 


Chapter 1

Benefits using a Weight Bench

Whether at the gym, hotel or at home, a bench is essential for a multifaceted and demanding weight training with free weights.

It offers you the possibility to do different exercises and to train your muscle groups.

Dumbbell presses, rowing, shoulder presses or one-legged lunges are only a small selection of exercises you can do using a bench!

How do you benefit by using a bench?

A weight bench is your ideal companion for weight training and muscle building at the gym or at home. Even in a small space you can train regularly and perform a variety of exercises.

With a barbell, high-quality plates and the matching lock Jaws, but also with a few dumbbells, you are optimally equipped and can directly start your workout! Our PB Extreme bench impresses in quality, functionality and price! Of course, we also offer other brands.

Chapter 2

Different Types of Benches

Basically there is a difference between a flat bench and an adjustable bench, with the adjustable bench allowing you a lot more exercise variations.

With adjustable benches, the backrest and seat position can be changed many times. This allows you to do abdominal and back exercises on the weight bench in addition to classic weight training and train muscle groups even more effectively.

Long Story Short: An adjustable weight bench guarantees you a multifunctional and even more multifaceted workout!

Chapter 3

10 Exercises with an Adjustable Bench

To get a small overview of training possibilities, we recommend the following video with 10 promising and varying exercises.

Discover our exercise recommendations:

Chapter 4

What to look out for when buying a Bench

The market is flooded with cheap products from Asia - the quality of these rattletrays usually falls by the wayside.

The quality of these cheap upholstery products is usually inferior. The workmanship leaves a lot to be desired, for example in the upholstery: seams, filling and cover material are of inferior quality, and with regular use, these cheap upholsteries in the seat and backrest usually do not have a long service life.

Before buying, you should consider the following points - then your money is certainly well invested:

  • The permissible total weight should be at least 220 kg - otherwise heavyweight athletes will quickly reach the load limit of the bench
  • Wide legs. They provide stability during your workout
  • In the best case your bench is made of robust steel and welded in high quality
  • Is the bench adjustable? In the best case it should be adjustable up to 90 degrees. This way you can optimally train your shoulders and arms in an upright position
  • Optional: Does the bench have built-in roles? So you can move the bench more easily and adapt it to your training environment

Chapter 5

Book Recommendations

You want to get started with strength training and are looking for inspiration and know-how? Then we recommend that you take a closer look at the following books:

Our  Book Recommendations

We recommend the following books to expand your knowledge in strength training:

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