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You want to integrate ropes into your training plan?

Read our sales advisor and learn all about training with skipping ropes and battle ropes.


Chapter 1

Workout with Skipping Ropes

It used to be regarded as a children's sport, today it is a real competitive sport. Nowadays, skipping should be an important part of the training of an ambitious athlete.

Find out now, why it makes sense to integrate the exercise into your training plan and how effective it can be.

More effective than running:

With the combination of cardio & strength training, skipping the rope between the individual strength exercises is a very good way to stay active and also burn fat. It is even more effective than jogging, because in half an hour of skipping you can burn twice as many calories as running. So it's not only great for increasing endurance, but also for losing weight and strengthening all your muscles. 

Which rope is the right one for me? 

There are Speed Ropes and Beaded Ropes. Speed Ropes are thin, light skipping ropes made of a plastic mixture. Beaded ropes, on the other hand, are thin ropes wrapped in plastic. As a beginner, it is recommended to train with heavier ropes and then after some time to switch to lighter ropes to increase the level of difficulty.  

In order to be able to do the rope skipping exercises correctly, the rope must have the right length. To find out which rope fits your height best, there is a very simple trick. Stand in the middle of the skipping rope and when the grips reach your armpits, it has the ideal length for you.

Rope jumping exercises 

  • Normal rope skipping
  • On one leg
  • Criss Cross (cross arms)
  • With knee pulled up

For beginners:

  • Warm up well! (e.g. Jumping Jacks, let your arms circle, lunge left/right)
  • In case of already known problems with the knee and ankle joint, consult your doctor
  • 3x1 min - in between 30 sec. pause - after each repetition two minutes pause - three repetitions

For advanced Athletes: 

  • Good warm up is key! (e.g. Jumping Jacks, let your arms circle, lunge left/right)
  • 4x1 min - (optional) in between 30 sec. pause - after each repetition one minute pause - four repetitions

You really want to burn calories while skipping, but don't know how? Here is a video for you, which can help you with that:

Chapter 2

Workout with Battle Ropes

By training with Battle Ropes you can make your whole body sweat. Because with this short but intensive exercise you don't just train your arms and shoulders.

But when is training with Battle Ropes useful? And what should such a training look like?

What are Battle Ropes?

Battle ropes are long, thick swing ropes that can be mounted to the wall, the ground or even a tree. The goal of training with Battle Ropes is to form even waves from the shoulder width stand with slightly bent knees by moving the arms up and down. 

For whom is a training with Battle Ropes suitable? 

A training with Battle Ropes is suitable for everyone. It's just important to design your workout to suit your fitness level. As a beginner you should use different ropes for your training than professionals.  

The longer the rope, the more difficult the training. Because the exercises are so short and intense, it is very important to do them correctly. You have to keep your back upright, your knees slightly bent (about 120 degrees), and your stomach tensed.  

If you find this a little difficult at first, you should ask a trainer in your gym or someone you know to check your performance. 

What does training with Battle Ropes look like? 

You can either use the Battle Ropes after a strength exercise to stay active like in skipping or after the training to get back into the groove. In general, training with the swing ropes is a perfect exercise to strain and train the whole body.  

There are several Battle Rope exercises you can do to add a little variety to the otherwise monotonous up and down swing. If you are still a beginner, you should not overdo the training with the ropes, because although the exercise usually takes only 20 seconds to 2 minutes, even a pro can really work up a sweat.  

Do you want to add a little variety to your workout with Battle Ropes? Then this video is just right for you! A full 45 exercises with Battle Rope are waiting for you:

Chapter 3

What do I have to look out for when buying?

As a beginner it is often difficult to find your way around when buying skipping ropes and battle ropes. Because not all ropes are the same.

To find the right product that fits your fitness level, you should consider the following criteria:


As a beginner you should start with heavier skipping ropes, because they are slower to swing, it is easier for you to get control over the skipping rope and therefore the training is easier. If you are more advanced, you can use speed ropes and beaded ropes for your training, but it is best to use lighter ropes because you can jump faster and increase the difficulty level. 

Battle Ropes for the Homegym 

For beginners, a rope length of 9 to 10 meters, a diameter of about 30 mm and a weight of about 5-7 kg is suitable. Because the ropes are not so long and heavy, you will find it easier to get them to swing. This type of swing ropes is therefore perfect for the beginning of a training with Battle Ropes. 

If you are already advanced, you can also use ropes with a length of 10-15 meters, a diameter of about 30-38 mm for your training. These are heavier with a weight of about 8 kg and therefore increase the difficulty level. 

If you are already a professional in handling Battle Ropes and you know them well, swing ropes with a length of 15-20 meters and a diameter of about 40 mm are an ideal challenge for you. These are comparatively heavy ropes with a weight of 11-15 kg and increase the difficulty level even more. ATTENTION! Such ropes are really only something for the very well trained and experienced athletes. If you are not sure if you are already a professional in battle ropes, you should rather go for the lighter ropes. 

Quality and accessories 

If you are thinking about buying Battle Ropes for the homegym, you should pay attention to the quality and composition. So it is worth to invest a little bit more money to get something for a long time. Good Battle Ropes are mostly made of synthetic fibers like nylon or polyester.  

You should be careful with materials of natural composition, as these usually do not have a long durability. In order to have a good grip on the rope during training, you should buy one with a plastic grip or optionally wear non-slip gloves during training.

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