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Maximize your training area

Your individual recovery zone for more success and customer satisfaction!

Optimise the design of your training area for maximum possibilities and efficiency.

You have the option of customising a training area to suit your needs, be it for a recovery zone or other purposes. Even small, previously unused rooms can be effectively and purposefully remodelled with the right equipment. Hyperice products, such as NormaTec boots, Hypervolt massage guns or our PB Blackroll, can play a decisive role here.

Imagine how your training area is equipped with these high-quality devices: In the Recovery Zone, the NormaTec Boots offer your customers a targeted, professional compressed air massage for their legs to speed up recovery. The Hypervolt massage guns are perfect for releasing tension and loosening up the muscles. The PB Blackroll supports fascia training.

An area like this is not only a place of relaxation for your customers, but also a source of inspiration. They can recover optimally after an intensive workout and feel ready for the next challenge. These training areas also show that you care about your customers' well-being, which can lead to long-term customer loyalty and higher satisfaction. In addition, you can organise your training more effectively and better support your customers on their way to their fitness goals.

Setting up such a training area may require an initial investment, but the long-term benefits are manifold. You create a place that inspires your clients and supports their fitness goals. This not only improves your clients' experience, but also makes your training practice even more successful.

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Hyperice - Hypervolt 2

219 , 12* €249.00*

19 Article available
Hyperice - Hypervolt 2 Pro

333 , 52* €379.00*

8 Article available
NormaTec 3 Leg Recovery System Standard

879 , 96* €999.95*

10 Article available
Hyperice - Hypersphere Go

87 , 96* €99.95*

13 Article available
Hyperice - Vyper 3.0

225 , 95*

100 Article available
TRX exercise ball

29 , 95*

106 Article available
Mobility Stick

59 , 90 *

100 Article available
PB Blackroll

29 , 90 *

17 Article available
PB Balance Pad

26 , 90 *

9999 Article available
PB Flooring Standard

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5 Steps to realise your vision



The first step on our journey together can be either a personal meeting on site meeting on site, a video call/online meeting or by telephone. This gives us the opportunity to get to know each other better and talk about your wishes and visions. We attach great importance to the subtleties of your property or training area to create a clear basis for our planning.



We work systematically, starting with the design of your flooring and the planning of rigs, racks, cable pulls and cardio equipment to create a complete training training experience. We also take kettlebells into account, dumbbells and barbells as well as TRX systems and sleds. Our approach includes 3D designs that give you a clear idea. These models help optimise each element before implementation begins. So your vision is perfectly realised.



After discussing your wishes and requirements, we create a customised offer that takes possible changes into account. (Only when the offer matches your expectations, we will commission the realisation). Then we plan the production in detail, from floor coverings to structures such as rigs. Our experts ensure precise planning for a smooth realisation. Your studio takes shape as we carefully prepare each component to turn your vision into reality.



The next step involves the delivery and unloading of the goods. This is particularly relevant when our team is responsible for assembly. After careful preparation of the surface, we lay the floor. This is followed by the precise installation of the training and storage systems. Every detail is taken into account to ensure that your studio is both is both functional and aesthetically pleasing and meets the highest standards.



Following successful implementation, our commitment extends beyond the end of the project. We will continue to be there for you and offer ongoing support. If questions arise or you would like specific further training, we organise in-house training courses with renowned experts. We also support you with topics such as digitalisation and marketing. Our experience is your resource for realising your visions and promoting sustainable success.

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