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Discover PowerBlock®

Training with free weights is the most effective and versatile training method ever developed. The PowerBlock® combines a complete dumbbell set in a single pair of dumbbells. You only need a fraction of the space normally required.
Maximum flexibility and top design for home, on the road and wherever space is limited.
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PowerBlock Sport EXP Set 2.3-22.7kg (5-50lb) Stage 1 (Pair)

475 , 90 *

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PowerBlock Sport 50 Set 4-22,5kg (10-50lbs) (Pair)

449 , 90 *

few available
PowerBlock Sport EXP Kit 22.7-31.8kg (50-70lbs.) Stage 2 (Pair)

195 , 90 *

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Powerblock U125 Home Rack Stand

259 , 90 *

few available
PowerBlock Sport EXP Kit 31.8-40.8kg (70-90lbs.) Stage 3 (Pair)

195 , 95*

33 Article available
Powerblock Sport 24 Set 1,3-10,9kg (3-24lbs) (Pair)

239 , 90 *

Sold out
Bundle discount
PowerBlock EXP Complete Set

824 , 36* €867.75*

10 Article available
Powerblock Adjustable Kettlebell 4-stage 8 - 15.8 Kg

199 , 95*

The advantages of PowerBlock® at a glance:

One PowerBlock® dumbbell system replaces 10 pairs of traditional dumbbells ranging from 2.5kg to 22.5kg giving you more space and storage for your workout area!

  • Precise and easy to adjust weights
  • 5 years warranty by the manufacturer
  • High comfort and balance while exercising
  • Efficient use of space
  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • Modern design

Get your PowerBlock® dumbbells now!

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