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Products for your regeneration

What kind of massage equipment is there actually? What is a massage pistol and how can it help you? Find out more about this topic and click on Get Fit?

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42 Article available
NormaTec 3 Leg Recovery System Standard

999 , 95*

78 Article available
Hyperice - Hypervolt Go 2

149 , 95*

109 Article available
Hyperice - Hypervolt Go

119 , 25* €159.00*

26 Article available
Vyper Go

199 , 00 *

189 Article available
Hypervolt 2.0

349 , 95*

52 Article available
Hypervolt 2.0 Pro

404 , 95* €449.95*

34 Article available
Bundle discount
Hypervolt GO + Hypersphere Mini (To-Go Pack)

279 , 61* €328.95*

24 Article available
Bundle discount
Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth + Hypersphere mini (Travel Pack)

399 , 00 * €448.95*

24 Article available
Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth

224 , 25* €299.00*

few available
Hyperice - back black

82 , 46* €109.95*

few available
Hyperice - Fuel light blue

29 , 95*

4 Article available
Hyperice - Shoulder left black

from 74 , 96* from €99.95*

15 Article available
Hyperice - Venom Shoulder Links

187 , 46* €249.95*

6 Article available
Hyperice - Venom Shoulder Right

187 , 46* €249.95*

16 Article available
Hyperice - Hypersphere matt black

from 149 , 95*

34 Article available
Hyperice - Hypersphere Mini

99 , 95*

19 Article available
Hyperice - Vyper 2.0 black

111 , 75* €149.00*

32 Article available
Hyperice - Hypervolt battery

99 , 95*

116 Article available
Hyperice - Hypervolt Case (model 4 attachments)

35 , 97* €59.95*

10 Article available
Hyperice - Hypervolt charger

25 , 90 *

42 Article available
Hyperice - Hypervolt Stand Charger

29 , 37* €48.95*

few available
NormaTec 2.0 Leg Standard - replacement hose (spare article)

79 , 00 *

17 Article available
NormaTec backpack

149 , 96* €199.95*

6 Article available
NormaTec Series Carry Case

200 , 00 *

You want to learn more about regeneration and massage equipment?

Read our purchase guide here and find out what makes a massage pistol special. How you can accelerate your regeneration and what else is worth knowing about regeneration.


Chapter 1

Why is regeneration so important?

The regeneration of the body is as important as the training itself. If we do not allow ourselves sufficient recovery phases, both physical and psychological consequences can threaten our well-being and performance.

It is not without reason that regeneration tools such as massage pistols and the like are indispensable in (competitive) sports.

You want to accelerate your regeneration process?

In case of light to moderate stress, a break of 12 - 24 hours can be sufficient to regenerate completely. Intensive training of individual muscle groups may require a break of 3 or more days.

If you want to accelerate this process and prevent future tension or injuries, you can use professional tools such as a massage gun.  

Chapter 2

Massage guns

Tools for faster regeneration are indispensable in ambitious sports and competitive sports.

Extremely popular here are so-called massage pistols. These enable the tissue to be treated with up to 3,200 strokes per minute.

With the help of massage guns, such as the Hypervolt, muscle stiffness and soreness can be relieved more quickly and the blood circulation, range of motion and overall soft tissue health can be improved.

As mentioned at the beginning, massage pistols and similar products have already become firmly established in professional sports and are particularly well suited to work in the areas of mobility, recovery time and fast healing after muscle injuries.

The Hypervolt massage pistol at a glance

What is the Hypervolt technology and what can the Hypervolt do for you? Watch our one-minute video and get an impression of the bestseller among massage guns:

In addition to the highly professional massage pistols, you can also use the classic fascial rolls or the handy lacrosse ball, especially for beginners, to prevent or treat muscle hardening.

HERE you can go to our Fascia Tools purchase advisor.

Chapter 3

Cold and heat treatments

Additionally, you can support and, if necessary, accelerate your regeneration and healing process with cold and heat applications.

Here too, our partner Hyperice offers innovative and helpful tools with its products from the fields of heat technology and ice cold technology.
Digitally controlled, they provide a beneficial combination of vibration and heat (or cold) and bring energy to tense and aching muscles.
The innovative technology provides a unique massage experience that can be customized according to individual preferences and needs. 

Regeneration after a workout is often given too little attention. Especially to avoid injuries and to raise your performance to the next level, regeneration times are essential. Only through proper regeneration can the muscles grow, stay healthy and the body recover.

Our book recommandations

We recommend the following books to expand your knowledge in strength training:

6 Article available
Regeneration (Book)

19 , 99*

Sold out
Optimal regeneration with yoga and Blackroll (Book)

5 , 00 * €19.99*

21 Article available
Fascia Strength Training (Book)

24 , 99*

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