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Everything about working out with bands

Which intensity is the right one for me? Which exercises can I do with the band? All these questions and many more are answered in our sales advisor.


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You're not sure which equipment is the right one? 

Read our sales advisor and find out all about training with fitness bands. Besides exercises and training tips, you will also find product recommendations for your level. 


Chapter 1

What is a Fitness Band?

Fitness bands are bands made of rubber, latex or fabric, and it is not for nothing that they are called the smallest gyms in the world, because they are effective, versatile and compact.

In the following we explain the most important things about the so-called Body Bands:

There are different types of bands, which you can use for different purposes and in different ways: Minibands, Superbands, Floss Bands, Stretching Ropes, Therabands and Tubes

Chapter 2

The different types of Fitness Bands

Let us introduce you to the different types of fitness bands. There are big differences. You should choose your bands according to your training goals. 

The tiny all-rounder - the miniband

Minibands offer a variety of workout and exercise variations in a very small training space. They contribute to the activation of the torso and hip muscles or regeneration after injuries and offer dynamic warm-ups, e.g. before jogging. 

How does a miniband work? 

The band is stretched around two extremities, for example your legs or your arms. If you now move these extremities apart, the miniband is tensioned.  

The rule of thumb is: the further the miniband is pulled apart, the greater the strengthening resistance. 

A band for the whole body - the super band 

These bands are ideal for challenging and effective full-body workouts as well as for use in therapy Ideal for strength and interval training . 

They are a good addition to pull-ups & dips, provide extra leverage for weight lifting and help with stretching and joint mobilization. 

How does a Superband work? 

A Superband increases the resistance during a movement more and more as the amplitude increases. This allows you to really put the muscle under stress, especially in the last phase of an exercise.  

The muscular growth assistant - the Floss band 

This tape promotes muscle regeneration, accelerates re-entry after injuries, improves joint mechanics and dissolves tissue adhesions. Training is an interval method for joint mobilization, pain relief and increased range of motion, which as a form of occlusion training leads to muscle growth. 

How does the so-called flossing work? 

In flossing, you tie a certain area of the body with a flossing band. This interrupts all flowing currents in the target area. This means that the blood supply is limited to a minimum.  

So there is an enormous pressure from outside on the tied up area. Now you do exercises for 1-2 minutes which take up the constricted area. Afterwards the ligament is removed abruptly and the blood congestion is released and the muscle becomes more elastic and resistant in the long run. 

Smoother and more powerful muscles with the Stretching Rope 

The Stretching Rope not only helps you with your stretching exercises before and after sports, it also offers you the possibility to influence the intensity of these exercises. 

How do I stretch with the Stretching Rope? 

You can make exercises with the Stretching Strap (alternative name, as well as "Elastic Strap") much more demanding on the muscle by strengthening the pull. Stretch the body part you want to stretch into the Stretching Rope. Now you can pull on it and the exercise automatically becomes more demanding. The effect of the stretch is thus intensified and the success is greater.  

Unlimited training with Theraband and Tube 

Therabands are maximally flexible and offer almost unlimited possibilities for use in fitness training - they activate & stabilize the musculature and restore muscle and joint functions. They are ideal for Pilates, Yoga & Rehab applications, because they are easy on the joints and reduce the risk of injury. 

Tubes are ideal for strengthening and toning the upper and lower body and guarantee a versatile, location-independent workout Ideal for muscle building & stabilization exercises 

How do I train with a Theraband or a tube? 

When you train with Therabands and Tubes, you take the band in your hand and fix it - depending on the exercise - with your body (for example on your feet) or on aids such as a door handle. The strength of the pull can be varied here by gripping it longer, shorter or twice.

Chapter 3

What is the effect of training with the Fitness Band?

Body Bands have all kinds of positive effects on your body. Requirement is a correct execution of the exercises and the regular execution of the exercises.

Training with a fitness band can have the following positive effects:

  • Activation of the trunk and hip muscles
  • Regeneration after injuries
  • more effective stretching
  • Stabilization of the musculature
  • Strengthening and tightening of the entire body musculature
  • Muscle Growth
  • Elasticity of muscles

In general, it cannot be said that there is the perfect or best fitness band. Because when choosing a band you should always ask yourself the question:

Which fitness band fits me and my needs?

When buying a fitness band, it makes sense to think about the desired effects and sequences of your workout in advance. You should also pay special attention to quality and choose resistors according to your fitness level in order to avoid injuries or irritation of your muscles.  

It is also possible to combine several strengths (bands) when training with body bands. 

For beginners, we recommend our Powerbands Set PRO. 

Chapter 4

Workout with a Fitness Band

Training with the Body Band can take place anywhere, because the bands are compact, light and offer you many options where you can train with minimal space.

Fitness bands can also complement your regular workouts and intensify individual exercises.

Stärke deinen Core mit Bändern!

Widerstandsbänder sind eine super Möglichkeit, um Homeworkouts herausfordernder zu gestalten.

Wir zeigen dir drei Top Übungen für deinen Core-Bereich.

👉 Toter Käfer

👉 Pallof Press

👉 Half-Kneeling Lift

Viel Spaß beim ausprobieren!

Chapter 5

Books about the fitness band

You can achieve many different goals with fitness bands. First of all, you strengthen your tendons, ligaments and muscles with the training. However, it takes a lot of practice before you can fully master free exercises and train safely. Books are a good way to learn more.

Our Book Recommendations

We recommend the following books to expand your knowledge of fitness bands:

49 Available
Body shaping with the fitness band (book)

19 . 99*

Low stock
Flossing in therapy and training (book)

19 . 99*

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