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PowerBlock EXP Complete Set

This product is currently not available
The set contains:
  • 1x PowerBlock EXP Stage 1 basic equipment
  • 1x Stage 2 extension for 22,7-31,8kg (50-70lbs.) additional weight
  • 1x Stage 3 extension for 31,8-40,8kg (70-90lbs.) additional weight


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Product number: A07221

The PowerBlock EXP Complete SetThe

PowerBlock® Sport EXP is the latest model of the adjustable dumbbell system. The new slim and dark design makes the PowerBlock® Sport EXP a real eye-catcher in every gym. The basic set (Stage 1) includes a pair of dumbbells with a basic weight of 22.7 kg per dumbbell. The basic set can be individually adjusted from 2.3-22.7 kg and optionally expanded to a maximum of 41 kg with the PowerBlocks Stage 2 and Stage 3.

The handle has a dead weight of 2.5 kg. Due to the flexible connecting rods of the weight blocks, the dumbbells can be individually plugged to the desired weight within seconds. The patented plug-in system of the PowerBlock® dumbbells replaces a variety of classic dumbbells and is therefore very compact and space-saving.

Stage 1 PowerBlock EXP Dumbbells:
  • 16 weight increments: 2.3-22.7 kg
  • total weight: approx. 45 kg
  • 1 pair (=2 dumbbells)

Stage 2 EXP Kit (requires basic version)
  • Expandable additional weight: 22,7-31,8kg (50-70lbs.)
  • Depending on the strength increase of the user, the basic set can be expanded.
  • Scope of delivery: 1 pair (=2 dumbbells)

Stage 3 EXP Kit (requires basic version and Stage 2)
  • Expandable additional weight: 31,8-40,8kg (70-90lbs.)
  • The basic set can be expanded depending on the strength increase of the trainee
  • Scope of delivery: 1 pair (=2 dumbbells)
Product details:
  • compact basic size: 46x56 cm
  • Material: high quality plastic (dumbbell handles), urethane-coated weights made of CNC-manufactured steel plates
  • Scope of delivery: 3 pairs (= 6 dumbbells)
  • 5 years manufacturer warranty

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