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Hyperice - Fuel light blue

Hyperice Fuel light blue
  • The perfect alternative when you have no ice or ice water available
  • Optimal cooling temperature
  • Non-toxic ingredients. Completely biodegradable
  • Does not melt - no risk of standing water in the ice cell
  • Reusable - Easy to fill and return to the ice cell
  • Fits any Hyperice cooling tool


Product number: A04986
Hyperice Fuel is a reusable synthetic ice that provides you with an optimal cooling temperature and thus the best results in relaxation, regeneration and therapy of your muscles.
You can fill Hyperice Fuel
into any of the Hyperice cooling tools. The amount is enough for one application of each tool.

  • Freeze fuel for at least 12 h
  • Connect fuel container and cooling cell - Turn fuel container upside down
  • To speed up filling, the vacuum air outlet can be pressed
  • When the cooling cell is filled, disconnect it and close the cooling tool.
  • After use, return fuel to fuel container, rinse cooling tool with water and allow to dry.

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