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Body shaping with the fitness band (book)

Bernd Thurner | Christof Baur

  • Balanced full-body workout within your own four walls
  • Well thought-out nutrition and endurance sports programme
  • Sample and table of contents are linked in the description
  • softcover, 176 pages
  • ISBN: 978-3-86883-794-0


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Product number: A00883
Every woman wants a shapely body, a flat stomach, slim legs and a toned butt. All of this can be achieved with a simple elastic band in the comfort of your own home with minimal time investment!
This holistic training program, which includes a high-quality fitness band, shows the way to the dream figure. Exercises for all muscle groups and body areas form a balanced full-body workout that can easily be completed at home. The band makes the workout varied and challenging, and the load can be adjusted to the individual's ability. A well thought-out nutrition and endurance sports program rounds off the book.

About the Author:
Bernd Thurner,born in 1970, is a qualified sports instructor for prevention and rehabilitation.In this capacity, he works at a therapy and training center. Together with Christof Baur, he has published numerous bestsellers on sports and fitness topics.
Christof Baur,born in 1965, is a certified sports teacher for prevention and rehabilitation as well as a Master of Arts in sports education, psychology and pedagogy.He was a lecturer at the vocational school for psychotherapy and is currently employed at a therapy and training center.

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