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PB Extreme Urethane Group - 1.25 kg disc

PB Extreme Urethane Barbell Discs
  • Increase strength and endurance
  • Low noise and gentle on the floor
  • Preformed handles


Available, delivery time 1-3 days


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Product number: A02713
PB Extreme's urethane barbell sets are ideal for professional, variable workouts to increase strength and endurance, especially in personal and group fitness training.

The dumbbell bar is made of high quality steel and has powdered grip surfaces for a secure grip during exercise routines.

The color-coded pairs of weight plates come in a variety of styles with a slight difference in weight, allowing for precise adjustment of trainnig resistance and a precise workout. They are quiet and easy on the floor, and can be changed quickly and easily during workouts using the included quick-release fasteners.

All discs have pre-shaped engagements and can thus be ideally installed individually in a wide variety of single exercises such as front and side lifts, curls, squats and much more.

Our offer is for individual discs (pieces)

Product details

  • Material: steel (barbell), polyurethane (sheathing cast iron discs)
  • dimensions barbell: 140 cm
  • weight barbell: 2,3 kg
  • Hole discs: 25.4 mm
  • Colors: black / red

Set variants

  • Single set:
  • consisting of one barbell bar with quick locks & one pair each of weight plates à 2,5 kg/lbs, 5 kg/lbs & 10 kg/lbs
  • 10-pack set:
  • consisting of
  • 10 barbell bars, 10 pairs of quick locks, 20 weight plates each à 2.5 kg/lbs, 5 kg/lbs & 10 kg/lbs as well as a dumbbell rack
  • 20-pack set:
  • consisting of
  • 20 barbell bars, 20 pairs of quick-release fasteners, 40 weight plates each à 2.5 kg/lbs, 5 kg/lbs & 10 kg/lbs as well as a weight rack

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