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Fit without equipment - anatomy (book)

Fit without equipment - Anatomy book
  • Full body workout
  • Over 100 exercises
  • For athletes, physiotherapists and trainers
  • 240 pages


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Product number: A00624

Learn and understand bodyweight training

With "Fit Without Equipment," bestselling author Mark Lauren has developed the most successful fitness concept of our time and started a huge worldwide trend: equipment-free bodyweight training. In this fully illustrated manual, the author presents over 100 exercises and numerous exercise variations in full-color anatomical illustrations and detailed step-by-step instructions.

Divided into the muscle areas of chest and shoulders, biceps and forearms, glutes, legs, and torso, the exercises cover all regions of the body and form the ideal basis for a comprehensive total body workout. In this way, training with your own body weight can be clearly understood and made even more targeted and effective.

To the author:
Mark Lauren is a certified athletic trainer with the U.S. Army and in that capacity has prepared over 700 elite soldiers for their deployment to Special Operations. He is constantly on the road, living wherever he is needed as a trainer and instructor. On the side, he trains triathlon and Muay Thai. In Thai boxing, he fights at the professional level. His book Fit ohne Geräte is one of the best-selling German fitness books in 2011.

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