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TRX Home 2

TRX Home 2: The ultimate sling trainer for your holistic full-body workout

Find out why the TRX Home 2 Suspension Trainer is the global market leader in sling training. With unbeatable product quality, outstanding workmanship and unbeatable ease of use, the TRX Home 2 Suspension Trainer offers the most comprehensive training program on the market.
Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, this top-of-the-line equipment has been developed through years of research to help you achieve your goals. The latest model of the world's best-selling sling trainer, the TRX Suspension Trainer HOME 2, is the perfect training solution. It is not only lightweight, but also ideal for on the go.
With over 300 exercises for the whole body, you always have your own gym with you. Thanks to the high training intensity, just 20 minutes of training is enough to complete an effective workout.
The TRX HOME 2 is the all-rounder among sling trainers. Both beginners and advanced users will be impressed by the well thought-out product content and training instructions. New features such as adjustable foot straps and padded belt areas above the handles make your workout even more comfortable and effective. The innovative design will inspire you.

The advantages of the TRX Home 2 at a glance:

  • Highest quality in product and workmanship: rely on the proven quality of the original TRX suspension trainers, which is unmatched.
  • Extremely handy: The TRX Trainer weighs just 650 g and is easy to transport. Robust, durable and comfortable foam rubber handles: Enjoy a secure and comfortable grip during your workout.
  • Detailed training instructions and many workouts: Use the TRX app and the included poster to optimize your workout.
  • Door anchor for super-fast suspension at home and when traveling included free of charge: Train flexibly and regardless of your location.
  • Compensation loop for optimum training performance: perfect for single-arm exercises and maximum training variety
  • Steel carriage length adjustment for easy operation: Adjust the length of the trainer to suit your needs.

Included in the scope of delivery:

  • HOME 2 suspension trainer with a belt width of 3 cm
  • Foam rubber handles for a secure and comfortable grip
  • TRX Suspension Anchor with intermediate anchoring loops for additional training options
  • Adjustable foot straps for individual comfort and stability
  • Padded straps over the handles for improved comfort
  • TRX Door Anchor PRO for quick and easy attachment to doors
  • TRX storage and transport bag for convenient transportation
  • Get Started poster with helpful tips

Would you like to get even more involved with TRX suspension training and gain valuable know-how?
Then take a look at the Perform Better Institute.

You can find all TRX coursesHERE.

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