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Superband resistance band for more power in training
  • Countless training possibilities
  • Suitable for resistance and support exercises
  • Different resistances from 6 kg up to 120 kg
  • Space-saving and easy to transport


Available, delivery time: 1-3 days


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TRX Bandit
Product number: A01967

Upper body, arms, abdomen, legs, buttocks - with the Perform Better Superbands there are no limits to your training. They are suitable for high load demands in competitive sports as well as for effective stretching exercises in physiotherapy. The different resistance levels offer you numerous combination possibilities and increase your training intensity step by step. Depending on your preference, you can train freely with the Superbands or fix them to a fixed anchor point to generate different training heights (training stimuli).

Why train with Superbands?

The basic principle of training with Superbands is clear: the bands are made of rubber and the further you stretch them, the greater the resistance. The bands pull back to the starting point at the same time. During each exercise your muscles have to fight against the generated resistance both concentrically and eccentrically. The workout with the Superbands thus increases the strength of movement under a complete muscle stimulation.

The advantages of training with the Superband

  • Almost unlimited exercise variety
  • Ideal training accessory for dynamic total body workout
  • Exponential increase in resistance
  • Increased eccentric load
  • Suitable for any level of training
  • Use in prevention
  • Use in rehabilitation after injuries (e.g. proprioception training)
  • Can be used as a supplementary tool e.g. for pull-ups or push-ups
  • Ideal for stretching and stretching exercises
  • Suitable for individual and partner exercises
  • Cost effective
  • Space-saving training option (indoor and outdoor)
  • Can be combined with other equipment (e.g. generate increased load and additional leverage during weight lifting)

What resistance level do I need for which exercise?

The resistance level of the Superband to be selected depends on your own physical fitness level on the one hand and on the muscles you want to train on the other.

The narrower versions are particularly suitable for effective and varied training in sprinting, weight training and athletics. They allow for intense exercise execution in lunges, running drills, shuffles, shoulder presses, squats, accommodating resistance training, and more.

  • Orange - 6 kg, 0.6 cm
  • Black - 11 kg, 1,25 cm
  • Yellow - 15 kg, 2 cm
  • Black - 22 kg, 2,5 cm
  • Purple - 25 kg, 2,8 cm
  • Green - 32,5 kg, 3,8 cm

The stronger variants are especially suitable for support during pull-ups and dips. Due to the lower load, the exercises can be easily performed even by beginners. Likewise, the Superbands can be used to generate an increased load and an additional leverage effect during weight lifting.

  • Black - 32,5 kg, 4,5 cm
  • Blue - 38 kg, 5 cm
  • Black - 45 kg, 6.5 cm
  • Gray - 95 kg, 8 cm
  • Black - 120 kg, 10 cm

Product details

Here you get a small overview of the "technical" data of the super bands. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

  • material thickness: 5 mm
  • length: 1,0 m
  • Material: Latex
  • Different versions marked by color code

Exercises with the Superbands

So that you know what is possible with the Superbands, we have put together a few classic exercises for you here.


  1. First, get into the forearm position and place the Superband over your upper back.
  2. Wrap both ends of the band around your thumb.
  3. Now place your hands on the floor in the starting position of the push-ups
  4. Tighten your butt and abdominal muscles and push yourself up until your arms are fully extended

Squat in combination with neck press

  1. stand with both feet a little wider than shoulder-width on the superband
  2. hold the other end of the band with both hands
  3. bend your knees, bring your buttocks down behind you and stretch your arms with the superband upwards.

Lateral walk

  1. Tighten your superband above the ankle joint (or above the knee joint).
  2. Place your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart to create tension.
  3. Now shift your weight to the left and take a big step to the right
  4. Repeat this process (10 steps to the left - 10 steps to the right)
  5. Make sure that your super band stays under tension at all times.


  1. Get into a handstand and press the superband firmly to the floor with your left hand (or hold it tightly).
  2. Grasp the upper end of the band with your right hand
  3. Firmly tense your butt and abdominal muscles
  4. Now bring your right elbow close to your torso and pull your right shoulder blade down to the back
  5. Repeat the exercise on the other side

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