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TRX Pro 4 - The ultimate sling trainer for full-body workouts at home

The ultimate solution for ambitious athletes and trainers

The TRX suspension trainers are the original sling trainers and have been the world's best-selling functional training equipment for years. With their outstanding product quality and workmanship, they set the standard in the industry. The TRX Pro 4 Band is the latest generation of this high-quality sling trainer and offers athletes with high standards and trainers from all areas of sport the perfect tool for an effective full-body workout.

Versatile full-body training at home

The TRX band enables a comprehensive full-body workout within your own four walls. Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, you can achieve your training goals quickly and effectively with this sling trainer. The included training program, which is continuously optimized by sports scientists, provides you with over 300 exercises for every part of the body. You can complete an intensive workout and train your entire body in just 20 minutes.

Outstanding product features for optimal training

The TRX Pro 4 offers numerous advantages that will take your training to a new level. The high-quality, padded solid rubber handles provide a secure and comfortable grip during training. The adjustable foot straps enable perfect training, even for people with small feet. The padded triangles above the handles protect your forearms during exercises such as push-ups or dips.

The sling trainer has a robust and durable steel slide length adjustment system that makes it easy to use. Weighing just 650 g, it is lightweight yet durable. The corrosion-resistant carabiner is lockable and can carry up to 600 kg. The compensation loop ensures optimum training performance, especially for single-arm exercises.

Practical accessories for a wide range of applications

The TRX Pro 4 Band comes with practical accessories to cover all your training requirements and conditions. The TRX Door Anchor PRO enables super-fast suspension at home and when traveling. With the TRX Xtender (98 cm) you can flexibly attach the band to high or extremely thick suspension points. The scope of delivery also includes a TRX strap for storage, a TRX storage and transport bag and a Get Started poster for a quick start to your training.

Product details:

  • Color: Black / Yellow / Grey
  • Material: Industrial nylon
  • Handles: Solid rubber
  • Strap width: 4 cm
  • Weight: 650 g
  • Max. Load capacity: 159 kg
  • Max. Attachment height without Xtender: 2.8 m

Get the TRX Pro 4 sling trainer now and experience an effective full-body workout within your own four walls. Train like a pro and achieve your fitness goals faster than ever before!

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