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Everjump rope - 600gr

Everjump rope - 600gr
  • Rope 600gr in the appropriate size
  • Mesh bag for transport and storage of the rope
  • PVC coating allows for safe and durable jumping
  • Everjump Connected handles are not included


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Product number: A07498

Everjump Rope - 600gr

The 600-gram Turquoise Jump Rope is ideal for a full-body jump rope workout focused on strength and power. It is suitable for all fitness levels, but is especially suitable for advanced athletes
.Use the workout tracking in the app and get the feedback you need from the weight in the rope to improve your skills. Order now and dive into the world of Everjump!

The app is free in the basic version
If you want to use all the features and unlock many programs and challenges, you can sign up for a paid premium subscription.

Product details:
  • Rope material
  • PVC, steel
  • Available
  • rope
  • lengths
  • Small (2.45m); Medium (2.60m); Large (2.75m)

  • Rope 600gr in the appropriate sizeMesh
  • bag

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