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TRX Rip Resistance Cords

TRX Rip Trainer Resistance Cord

  • Especially suitable for the Metabolic Workout
  • Perfect addition to suspension training
  • Improves performance in impact sports such as tennis or golf
  • Provides high stability in the abdomen and back


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TRX Move
Product number: A05148

TRX® Rip Training is Core Training Deluxe

With more than 200 exercises, working against the asymmetrical resistance of the rubber band resistance of the rubber band, the entire body, but especially the torso, is strengthened. strengthened.

This results in a very high level of stability in the abdomen and back for everyday life and athletic challenges. It is therefore the perfect complement to suspension training.

The circular movements improve not only the rotational strength but also the strength can be improved. TRX® Rip Training is therefore the perfect workout for performance improvement in impact sports such as tennis or golf.

In addition, the coordination ability is always automatically addressed and can be can be strengthened by specific exercises.

The functional whole-body workout with the TRX© Rip Trainer also means also a training for fat burning.

The Metabolic Workout is particularly suitable as a fat burner: short, but highly intensive intensive units, which improve the strength endurance and at the same time the and at the same time significantly increase the afterburn effect, i.e. the burning of fat after the workout.

Trainers with different needs can reach their goals with the TRX© Rip trainer will reach their goal. They reach their individual fitness level - and thus physical and mental well-being.

With the TRX® Rip Training Resistance Cords you can make your training more varied! more varied!

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