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50 Workouts - Yoga (Book)

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50 Yoga Workouts
  • Short and simple series of exercises to increase well-being
  • Different levels of difficulty for beginners and advanced
  • Workouts between 15-45 minutes for everyday life
  • Asanas, relaxation exercises and loosening exercises for neck and shoulders


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Product number: A04357

The best series of exercises for strength, flexibility and relaxation

Yoga not only increases general well-being, but is also an excellent challenging workout for a stronger and more supple body. Yoga does not have to be complicated. Even short and simple series of exercises can improve physical fitness and well-being in everyday life. From activating asanas in the morning to relaxation and loosening exercises for the neck and shoulders to special workouts for more hip mobility - this guidebook contains 50 yoga workouts that last between 15 and 45 minutes and can be easily integrated into everyday life. All exercise series are clearly presented, fully illustrated and, thanks to different levels of difficulty, suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners. In addition, all exercises are described again in detail in an extra chapter.
With these workouts you will improve your posture and stay fit and agile in everyday life.

About the author
Katharina Brinkmann is the founder of YOU Personal Training. In addition to being a yoga teacher and personal trainer, she also works in the clinical field as a sports therapist. Her main areas of expertise include yoga and fascia training, which she has combined extremely successfully in her books Yoga Fascia Training and Functional Training for Women.

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