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How to keep your gym in order.

Clutter is never helpful - especially not at the gym or at your home gym. Find out, how to keep your gym tidy.


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You're not sure which equipment is right for you?

Read our sales advisor and get helpful tips on storage for your gym. 


Chapter 1


Du denkst vielleicht jetzt noch, dass Aufbewahrung & Stauraum kein so wichtiges Thema im Trainingsalltag sind.

Doch du wirst schnell merken, dass du durchaus von einem aufgeräumten Gym profitieren kannst.

It is often said that the only good way to learn is at a tidy desk. And that's true, but it's not only true for learning, but also for training. 

If your gym is tidy, the medicine balls are on the shelf and your fitness bands are sorted by strength and hung neatly on a holder, then you can really start training. You will be more motivated and efficient because you will find your equipment faster and won't waste time with annoying searches. 

In addition, chaos - especially in the gym - also means a risk of injury. Dumbbells lying around or improperly placed weights can cause unnecessary injuries. And after all, nobody wants that!

Chapter 2

Racks & Mounts

Whether it's Racks or Mounts. For almost every equipment, there is the right solution to keep everything in order.

Home Gym

You want to avoid the trip to the gym and set up your own gym in the most effective way, but don't know how? It's important to choose the right storage solution for your equipment because it will save you a lot of space and make you feel more comfortable in your gym. There are different storage options for each type of sports equipment. 


Balls are best put on a rack where they cannot fall out. A ball shelf is very suitable for this. It does not take up much space and you can store them safely. There are also so-called ball trays, which are ideal for storing balls even if you do not have enough space for a whole shelf or do not need it.

Aerobics Bars

You can store your aerobic bars conveniently on a shelf, depending on how many you have, you can choose a smaller version with room for 30 bars, or you can go for larger shelves with room for up to 70 bars.

Bands & Tubes 

Before you throw your bands all together in a box and in the worst case they get totally tangled up, you should attach them to a wall mount. There you can sort them as you like (by color, thickness etc.)


To store your barbells safely, you can also place them in a holder. These are available in different varieties, whether vertical or horizontal, neatly stowed they look best.


The most practical are holders that you can use for several products. For example, there are shelves where you can store balls on one side and bands on the other. These are especially suitable for you if you don't have a lot of space but still want to store all your equipment neatly.

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