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50 Workouts - Abdomen, Legs, Buttocks (Book)

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Katharina Brinkmann
  • Workouts for a crisp butt, toned legs and a flat stomach
  • illustrated, suitable for beginners and advanced users
  • softcover, 128 pages
  • ISBN: 978-3-7423-1300-3


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Product number: A07151
Courses for the abdomen, legs and buttocks are a perennial favorite in fitness studios. Workouts for a firm butt, toned legs and a flat stomach are also easy to implement at home or on the road. Katharina Brinkmann shows how targeted strength training can build muscle and reduce fat, making the dream of a perfect bikini figure come true for every woman. With exercises for quick strength and strength endurance, the BBP classic becomes an effective full-body workout. All workouts are fully illustrated and thanks to different levels of difficulty suitable for beginners and advanced.

Katharina Brinkmann
is the founder of YOU Yoga & More, a yoga teacher and personal trainer
As a health scientist, she has specialized in the area of fascia and mobility and shares her knowledge in trainings, consultations and lectures. She has already written several successful books.

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