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50 Workouts to Lose Weight (Book)

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Katharina Brinkmann
  • get rid of pesky pounds with short, highly effective workouts
  • 50 programs for typical problem zones
  • softcover, 144 pages
  • ISBN: 978-3-7423-1451-2


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Product number: A07152
Losing weight and exercising more are regularly at the top of the list of good resolutions at the beginning of the year. In the new volume of the 50 Workouts series, Katharina Brinkmann shows how easy it is to shed those pesky pounds with short but highly effective workouts. In the programs for typical problem zones such as belly or Po different training methods are used, with which in shortest time the fat burn is so correctly angekurbelt. Whether with strength training, high-intensity interval training or the new trend High Intensive/Low Impact - with these workouts the kilos melt guaranteed.

Katharina Brinkmann
is the founder of YOU Yoga & More, a yoga teacher and personal trainer
As a health scientist, she has specialized in the area of fascia and mobility and shares her knowledge in trainings, consultations and lectures. She has already written several successful books.

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