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Mobility Stick - 120 cm
Item #: MOBST4
Mobility Stick 120 cm

Mobility Stick 120 cm 120 cm

  • Available in 5 different lengths, suitable for every athlete
  • Available in two different thicknesses
  • Ideal for various stretching exercises
  • Support during stabilization exercises
Delivery time
1-3 workdays
Weight 1.1 kg

Mobility Stick - Stretching in a different way

Mobility Stick

The tool belongig to the revolutionary Training System coming from the USA

The Mobility Stick is a revolutionary training tool for improving functional mobility, posture and body awareness, as well as holistic body stability. The training with the flexible stick helps to improve the range of motion and increases overall performance and mobility. The stick is an unbeatable tool for warm-up units, which are used to prepare the muscle chains for training. It can also be used as a support in demanding stabilization exercises for controlled movement execution. The use of 2 mobility sticks is ideal for various stretching exercises, rotating movements as well as challenging stability exercises. The support of the sticks helps the body and the central nervous system to adapt the new movement impulses faster and better. Available in different lengths and Standard and Pro Version

Up to 180 cm height

  • Standard 90 cm - ideal for children and various exercises in the core & arm area
  • Standard 120 cm - for core / arm exercises & warm-ups
  • Standard 180 cm - for stretching, balance and stability exercises of the entire musculoskeletal system

About 180 cm height

  • Standard 150 cm - for core / arm exercises & warm-ups
  • Standard 213 cm - for stretching, balance and stability exercises of the entire musculoskeletal system

PRO variants

  • Available in 180, 213 and 244 cm - Recommended for specially trained people and / or a body weight over 100 kg. The Pro version requires more force with a larger diameter to buckle.

Product details

  • Material: Extruded PVC
  • Diameter: Standard - 2.5 cm / Pro - 3.8 cm
  • Color: Orange-Black
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