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Yoga fascia training (book)

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Yoga fascia training (book)
  • Extensive catalogue of exercises
  • Exercises serve to strengthen and stabilise the body's centre
  • Ideal companions to train the connective tissue with yoga exercises


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Yoga fascia training -With extensive exercise catalog and the fascia salutation

Our connective tissue, also called fascia, is a fine network that surrounds our muscles and organs and stabilizes our body. If you want to go through life fit, mobile and pain-free, you should do something for your fasciae, because they become matted and stick together with increasing age under one-sided strain. This makes us immobile and stiff. Yoga is ideal fascia training.

Compared to gentle but also active styles of yoga, yoga fascia training involves holding positions longer to release blockages in the energy pathways and stretch the muscles and deeper connective tissues. In doing so, this book takes a dynamic and invigorating approach compared to the more gentle Yin Yoga.
The exercises listed here serve to strengthen and stabilize the center of the body, a central element in yoga. This improves overall posture and prevents back pain from occurring in the first place. With its extensive catalog of exercises and a sun salutation optimally adapted to the fascia, the fascia salutation, this book is the ideal companion to train the connective tissue with yoga exercises and remain supple, mobile and injury-free for a lifetime.

About the author
Katharina Brinkmann works as a sports therapist and personal trainer. Her main areas of expertise include yoga and fascia training. In addition, she is a lecturer for the German Gymnastics Association. (DGymB) and offers further education in the areas of fascia fitness and yoga.

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