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Yoga Anatomy 3D - 4 - Arm Supported Postures and Inverted Postures (Book)

Yoga Anatomy 3D - 4 - Arm Supported Postures and Inversions (Book)
  • Asana postures in colored three-dimensional illustration
  • Focus on poverty-based and reversal attitudes
  • Book for advanced learners and for beginners to get started


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Variante: Anthrazit
YogaMat - anthracite
Variante: Anthrazit
Product number: A00619

Arm supported postures and inversion postures

After the successful books by Ray Long, "Yoga Anatomy 3D: The Major Muscles" and "Yoga Anatomy 3D: The Postures", there are now 4 more volumes dedicated to all the asanas. The volumes span yoga styles and work on the modular principle. Each volume focuses on a group of asanas. In each case, the basic principle describes the biomechanical and physiological principles and their application in the postures.Finally, the individual postures are illustrated using colorful, three-dimensional illustrations of the skeleton and the most important muscles, ligaments and tendons, and are also explained in an index of movements and muscles.

Volume I covers vinyasa flow (dynamic yoga style) and standing postures.

Volume II covers the hip openers and forward bends.

Volume III includes the backbends and twisting postures, andVolume IV focuses on the arm supported postures as well as inversion postures.

This series of books will become an indispensable companion for beginners and experts alike.

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