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TRX Ybell Neo

The most versatile weight in the world

  • Available from 4.5 kg to 12 kg
  • 3-in-1 solution combines dumbbells, kettlebells and push-up bars
  • Versatile training options
  • Space-saving design
  • Perfect for at home or in the gym


Product number: A07854

Product information: TRX YBell Neo

TRX YBell Neo revolutionizes your training

The YBell Kettlebell "Neo" combines different functions, as it can be used as a kettlebell, dumbbell, medicine ball or push-up bar depending on the grip position. To ensure additional stability, the multifunctional kettlebell is equipped with a neoprene cover that provides a particularly non-slip surface. This is particularly advantageous when the dumbbell is used as a push-up bar. The use of stainless material makes the sports equipment not only durable, but also ideal for long-term use.

Space-saving design, versatile in use

The sophisticated design of the all-in-one training device makes it particularly suitable for gyms and training rooms with limited space. Instead of having to store several pieces of equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, push-up bars and medicine balls individually, this multifunctional training device offers a comprehensive solution. It acts as a practical all-rounder that not only saves space, but also allows you to perform completely new exercises.

Product details:

  • Weight range: 4.5 kg to 12 kg
  • Material: Cast iron with neoprene coating

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