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Mobility Stick

The Stick Mobility Training Stick - Mobility Training with a difference


Improve your mobility with the Stick Mobility Training Stick 

The Stick Mobility Training Stick is your revolutionary training tool to improve your functional mobility, posture and body awareness. With it, you can increase your Range of Motion and boost your performance and mobility. This flexible Training Stick is the unbeatable tool for an effective warm-up and the optimal preparation of your muscle chains for training. 

Support and control during demanding stabilization exercises 

Not only for the warm-up, but also as support during demanding stabilization exercises, the Stick Mobility Training Stick is ideal. Due to its flexible nature, it allows you to perform movements in a controlled manner and helps you to perfect your movement sequences. You can even use two sticks at the same time to perform various stretching exercises, rotating movement sequences and challenging stability exercises 

Regular training for better movement impulses 

Using the Stick Mobility Training Sticks helps your body and central nervous system adapt new movement impulses faster and more efficiently. By training regularly with the fascia stick, you will be able to perform movements more precisely and smoothly. Your body stability will be strengthened and you will gain an improved body awareness 

Four different lengths for individual needs 

This Training Stick is available in four different lengths to suit your individual needs. You can choose the appropriate length to perform your exercises optimally and improve your mobility specifically. 


The right Stick:

Body size bis 180 cm

  • 120 cm- for core/arm exercises & warm-ups 
  • 180 cm -  for stretching, balance & stability exercises of the entire musculoskeletal system 

Body size over 180 cm

  • 150 cm - for core/arm exercises & warm-ups 
  • 213 cm - for stretching, balance & stability exercises of the entire musculoskeletal system

High quality and durable materials 

The Stick Mobility Training Stick convinces not only with its functionality, but also with its high quality. Made of durable materials, it is designed to withstand even intense workouts. You can count on the reliability and durability of this product. 

Improve your performance and mobility 

With the Stick Mobility Training Stick, you can take your performance and mobility to a new level. Whether you want to improve your mobility, optimize your posture, or increase your stability, this fascia stick is the perfect tool to help you achieve your goals 

Experience a new body awareness 

Working out with the Stick Mobility Training Stick will allow you to develop a new body awareness. You will learn to be more aware of your movements and correct your posture. With regular training you will feel more comfortable in your body and improve your mobility in everyday life.  

Product Information

  • Color: Orange (bar), Black (handle)
  • Material: synthetic plastic, silicone handle coating
  • Diameter handle: 3.8 cm


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