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Gray Cook Band

Functional training with the Gray Cook Band
  • Extra padded foam handles
  • Available in 6 resistance variations
  • Material: nylon (loops), foam (handles)
  • Dimensions: 150 cm (basic length)


Available, delivery time: 1-3 days


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Variante: 8 cm Breite, 95 kg Widerstand, grau
Variante: 8 cm Breite, 95 kg Widerstand, grau
Product number: A01490

The strengthening band for any workout and for all purposes. The band can be used to perform pulling, pushing, punching and lifting movements. Training with the Gray Cook Band gets your entire body in shape. The sliding foam handles provide optimal support and stability. The nylon loop at each end allows the band to be attached to the door frame as well as held by another person, such as a physical therapist.

Available versions

  • extra-light (purple, approx. 9 kg)
  • light (pink, approx. 13.5 kg)
  • medium (magenta, approx. 18 kg)
  • heavy (orange, approx. 22.7 kg),
  • super-heavy (red, approx. 27.2 kg)
  • extra-heavy (yellow, approx. 31.8 kg)

Product details

  • Dimensions: 150 cm (basic length)
  • Material: nylon (loops), foam (padding)

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