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Anatomy of stretching (book)

The anatomy of stretching
  • Anatomical principles of stretching
  • 114 practical stretching exercises
  • Correct execution of stretching exercises
  • On injury prevention


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Stretching anatomy

With the right stretching to more mobility (book)

The optimal pre-stretching of the muscles is a prerequisite for efficient training and injury prevention
Stretching exercises maintain mobility, prevent injuries and play an important role as a therapeutic measure in physiotherapy and sports medicine. At the same time, stretching is a fitness discipline in itself and must be learned from scratch.
In this book, sports medicine and stretching expert Brad Walker combines the anatomical basics of stretching with 114 practical stretching exercises for all major muscle groups of the body. Detailed illustrations take us inside the body and show which muscles are involved in each exercise. At the same time, the reader also learns for which sports or for which injuries stretching is particularly suitable and what is essential to pay attention to during execution.

The author:
Brad Walker, born in 1971, is an internationally recognized expert in stretching and sports medicine and owner of The Stretching Instituteâ"¢, a company that develops and distributes teaching and learning materials for prevention and rehabilitation in sports injuries. He studied medicine at the University of New England, Australia, and then furthered his education in sports science. Today, he works extensively with professional athletes and is a lecturer on injury prevention. Brad Walker's website,, receives over one million hits annually, making it the most visited stretching, mobility and injury prevention information site. Brad Walker lives in Queensland, Australia with his wife and two sons.

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