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PB Strong complete set rubber 120 kg (Men)


PB Strong competition barbell 20 kg

Two each 5, 10, 15 & 20 kg PB Strong plates

1 pair of spring locks

The PB Strong competition dumbbell bar 

Product details: 
  • Variant: 20 kg
  • robust barbell made of alloyed stainless steel
  • the receptacle measures 50 mm
  • material: stainless steel
  • dimensions: 220 cm length
  • diameter: 2,8 cm handle, 5 cm (weight support)

The PB Strong rubber weight plates 

Product Details:
  • Material: hard rubber (weight plate), steel(inner ring).
  • diameter: 45 cm (outside), 5 cm(inside)
  • depth: from 2,5 - 8,8 cm (depending on weight)
  • Color: Black

The PB Strong spring fasteners

Product information:
  • Material: hard plastic
  • diameter: 5 cm
  • colour: black
  • weight: 0,4 kg
  • Delivery quantity: 1 pair

Get PB STRONG for your workout

PB STRONG is specially designed for heavy muscle training. Powerful, strong and robust, it shines above all with a "massively" good price-performance ratio.
With the high-quality barbell bars incl. matching weight plates, dumbbells, hex dumbbells, bumper plates, slamballs, gymnastic rings and much more, you can really spend yourself and step up to full capacity.

Product information "PB Strong complete set rubber 120 kg (Men)"

Save in a set - With the PB Strong complete set (Men)

Everything you need for a challenging barbell workout in one set. The set includes a total of 120 kg of weight (including 20 kg barbell) and a pair of PB Strong barbell closures.

Scope of delivery:
  • 1 x PB Strong competition barbell bar 20 kg.
  • 2 x PB Strong weight plate rubber black (pcs) 5 kg
  • 2 x PB Strong weight plate rubber black (pcs) 10 kg
  • 2 x PB Strong weight plate rubber black (pcs) 15 kg
  • 2 x PB Strong weight plate rubber black (pcs) 20 kg
  • 1 pair of PB Strong barbell locks

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Question : Können Sie mir Infos zu dem Set geben, Welche Langhantel es ist, bzw Daten der Langhantel. Sowie Infos zu den Gewichten, Material, Drop geignet,...
From : customer

Vielen Dank für ihre Frage.
Es handelt sich um unsere PB Strong Wettkampf Langhantel. Hier finden sie alle Informationen:
Material: Edelstahl
Maße: 220 cm Länge (20 kg)
Durchmesser: 2,8 cm Griff (20 kg), 5 cm (Gewichtauflage)
Farbe: Silber
Varianten: 15 kg ∙ 20 kg
Max. Belastung: 680 kg (20 kg Langhantel Variante)
Kugellager: 6 Nadellager, 3 je Seite, 195000 PSI, hartes Chrom (20 kg)

Die PB Strong Gummi Scheiben sind zusammen mit der PB Strong Langhantel Drop geeignet.
Hier noch die benötigten Informationen zu den Gummi Scheiben:
Material: Hartgummi (Hantelscheibe), Stahl (Innenring)
Durchmesser: 45 cm (Außen), 5 cm (Innen)
Tiefe: Von 2,5 – 8,8 cm (je nach Gewicht)
Farbe: Schwarz
Varianten: 5 kg ∙ 10 kg ∙ 15 kg ∙ 20 kg ∙ 25 kg

Hoffentlich hilft ihnen das bei ihrer Entscheidung weiter.

Sportliche Grüße

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PB Strong gymnastic rings (pair)

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PB Strong Jam Ball Black 2 kg

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PB Strong Competition Barbell Bar Pro 20 kg

ab 299 . 95*

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PB Strong dumbbell bars spring lock chrome (pair)

3 . 95*

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