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52 - "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm" - Marc Lebert, Part 2
The second part of the podcast with Marc Lebert is about how he sees the development in the fitness industry and gives tips for future and already practicing trainers for training, further education and further education!
51 -"seeing people sweat is rewarding" - Marc Lebert
Marc Lebert, inventor and developer of the popular Lebert Equalizer, talks to Rouven Bürgel in the first part of the podcast about his career as a personal trainer and how the idea and implementation of the equalizer came about.
#50 - Motivation is not by accident - Martin Rooney
Martin Rooney is the founder of Training For Warriors. An internationally recognized trainer, speaker, author and pioneer of Strength and Conditioning.
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sweepstake FIBO 2018
sweepstake FIBO 2018
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Flossingpain-free and mobile due to setting
Flossingpain-free and mobile due to setting
vom 25.02.2018

This Flossing is a relatively new therapy method and, if used correctly, can improve joint ...

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