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Universal X Spider Black Box 10 x 20 Strips

Universal X Spider Black Box 10 x 20 Strips  Spidertape/ MARmed e.K.
Item # NM018016BXTN21
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Universal X Spider (Black)

PreCut-Strips with Original Spidertech Technology!
The X-Stripes are already pre-cut for the most frequently used applications. That is why no tape is wasted during cutting. Thus, you can begin laying on the stripes immediately. 
Taping with the Universal X-Spider is suitable for diverse body parts such as upper arms, frontal or posterior thighs, neck, middle back, lower back, and so on. All edges are already pre-cut so that the Spider Tech X-Stripes fray less and last longer. 
The Universal X-Spider combines the ease of conventional pre-cut applications with the versatility of laying on the roll.

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