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Yoga & Pilates

Yoga & Pilates

Defining yoga in one sentence is almost impossible. Yoga exercises and the whole philosophy has its origin in India and is thousands of years old. It includes physical exercises, breathing techniques, concentration and meditation exercises. There are several different types of yoga and within these yoga types there are different yoga figures. Nowadays there are some tools for yoga enthusiasts, such as the well-known yoga matthe yoga block,yoga bandor the yoga wheel.

Yoga and the corresponding yoga exercises are suitable for everyone, even if you don't want to get 100% involved with the whole philosophy. Due to the various yoga exercises, yoga for beginners is just as good as yoga for advanced students. Also due to the manifoldYoga Productsand YogaBooks Yoga is nowadays easy to learn, whether alone at home or in a yoga class in a yoga studio.

What does Yoga do?

Yoga exercises have many positive influences on the human body, mind and organism. Among other things, the different types of yoga have an immense effect on the balance and general strength of the body. Since one works exclusively with one's own body weight, even yoga beginners can create challenging exercises within a very short time and achieve a completely new sense of balance and more strength.

A few advantages of yoga:

1. Yoga can be practiced at any time

2. Yoga can be practiced anywhere

3. Yoga can be practiced without any aids, you often only need one yoga mat

4. Yoga exercises train the muscles gently and effectively

5. The different Yoga ways to help improve posture

6. Yoga exercises improve flexibility

What is Pilates?definition Pilates

Pilatess sees itself as a holistic body workout. Breathing and movement should be harmonized during the Pilates exercises. The most important thing during the execution of Pilates is the so-called "powerhouse", the deep-lying abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles. Also for Pilates exercises there are now a few aids, such as the Pilates ring.

Who is Pilates suitable for?

Because Pilates is easy on the joints and yet effective, Pilates exercises can be done by anyone, regardless of age. There are now many good Pilates studios, but you can also do Pilates at home and on your own.

What does Pilates do?

Pilates exercises extremely strengthen the deep muscles of the trunk. By training with your own body weight and alternating concentric and eccentric muscle contractions, beautiful and tight muscles are developed and a completely new body feeling is created.

A few advantages ofPilates

1. Pilates exercises contribute to the improvement of body maintenance

2. Pilates exercises are supportive for other sports

3. Pilates counteracts cellulite

4. Pilates exercises help to reduce stress

5. Pilates relieves back pain

6. Pilates exercises can be performed anywhere