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Group Fitness

Group Fitness Courses

Group Fitness courses are currently offered in almost every gym, which underlines the efficiency of this training concept. The goal in Group Fitness, to build up a real group fitness, is to be seen in the fact that often even beginners and advanced athletes are distinguished. Improving the performance of the group as a whole is motivating for the trainer and especially for the participants. The number of people at Group Fitness varies between five and more than one hundred. For large groups, the group fitness trainers usually stand on a stage and lead the respective exercises.

A classic group fitness training is based on types of training that anyone can do for themselves. So the course can be combined with a fascia training and start cardio or pilates and then go over with a mobility training end. Through the supervision of a trainer one learns the exercises faultlessly.

Difference to conventional training

While the average person often goes training alone, he or she does without the advantages of training in a group. Fun is the most important thing in Group Fitness, and it is this fun that gives you a whole new quality when you train together. Moving as one unit or pushing each other gives many people new reasons to come to the studio regularly to attend the Group Fitness classes. Fun is probably the most important reason for many people to participate in Group Fitness.

Another factor that is added to the fun is the social component in Group Fitness. Interacting with people is one of the simple things that we humans need to feel comfortable. Group Fitness courses give us the opportunity to meet new people and interact with them.

Getting better with the group

The level of the participants can determine the intensity of the training, depending on group fitness exercises. Group Fitness is therefore very flexible and variable in terms of how the trainer adapts the training to the level of the participants. Group Fitness exercises often consist of repeated movement sequences in order to create synchronicity in group execution so that you feel part of a whole. Bodyweight training together or supporting each other in balance and agility exercises is a great gain for Group Fitness.

Products for Group Fitness

The training equipment from Group Fitness comprises a large number of smaller machines. The Group Fitness Courses have different needs for training equipment depending on the Group Fitness exercises. Mats are needed for yoga, dumbbells and barbells for Body Pump, etc.

Any equipment you need for Group Fitness can be found in our shop can be purchased cheaply. Our repertoire includes yoga mats, balls, BlackRolls, Dumbbells to Mobility Sticks and Pilates wrestling to increase group fitness as much as possible.