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What does Calisthenics mean?

Calisthenics, as we know it today, has its origin in the street workout in America, but the word Cali-sthenics itself came from Greek and means "beautiful" or "good strength". The naming of the sport by such a Greek word stems from the fact that the ancient Greek athletes were present here. Even then, they had trained themselves with the simplest means and their own bodies as weight, amazing and very powerful bodies.

There are significant differences between Calisthenics and bodybuilding. While bodybuilding aims to improve the visual appearance of the body and build it up aesthetically through training, a Calisthenics training plan usually aims at more than just visual aesthetics. Further goals can be the attainment of skills such as planche and frontlever or the attainment of coordination and a new body awareness. Many people do Calisthenics because this sport is so creative and incredibly fun. The beautiful thing about a Calisthenics workout is that an increase is not only measured in terms of the ability to move a heavier weight from A to B. The Calisthenics workout is a great way to increase your weight. With an improvement in performance, completely new movements are often added. While the old Calisthenic training plan still includes chin-ups, one exchanges these sometime with muscle-ups.

Calisthenics Devices

Although you train with your own body weight, some devices help to increase your training success. Calisthenics devices are paralettes, pull-up bars, gymnastic rings gymnastic ringsand some variations of them. The advantage of this equipment is that these devices can also be installed at home, even outside in good weather. There are still individual devices that can complement a Calisthenics training plan well and improve progress:

  • Weight vests - increase training resistance or weight
  • The Powercube - parallets, dip bars, etc. in one device
  • Superbands - ideal for beginners to master pull-ups and dips, this can also help with the Planche or the frontlever.

Features of a Calisthenics Workouts

A good Calisthenics workout plan is usually progressive, which means that the Calisthenics workout increases in progression over time. Here you first learn the easiest exercise of a dip, pull-up or push-up and increase with the workouts by changing the progressions. Pushups on the knees become normal pushups, these become tight pushups, eventually one-armed, until you reach the end of the handstand support. The progressions are the movements by which a progress is very well recognizable. While in a Calisthenics training plan progressions play an important role, in a Calisthenics workout the form of the exercises is enormously important. Similar to gymnastics, you should pay meticulous attention to the form of pull-ups, handstands and all other exercises.

- push-ups

- Diamond Lie Prop

- Single arm push-ups

- Archer-Liegestütze

- Pike-Liegestütze

- HandstandLiegestütze

- pull-ups

- chin-ups

- Archer - Pull-ups

- Wide pull-ups

- muscle-ups

- Bench - Dips

- dips

- Single Bar Dips