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Body Weight Training

Why Bodyweight Training?

The Bodyweight Training exercises offer countless possibilities, the best thing is to put together a "training with your own body weight - training plan" before starting your project. If you like, you can include exercises in which small aids such as small training balls, mini or suspension tapes are used.

As already mentioned, training with one's own body weight is inexpensive and easy to do in the four walls, regardless of the weather or time of day. You always have the best gym with you, your body weight. Maybe you're asking yourself "How effective is bodyweight training?" Can I really build muscle and lose extra pounds? The answer is yes, with training with your own body weight exercises you train your largest muscle groups. Very effective are push-up, knee bend, dip and lunge step, which train several muscles at the same time. In push-ups, for example, you have to hold your position against gravity, while the gluteal, leg, shoulder and torso muscles must be tense. When pushing from the low position into the upper position, your chest muscles and the back of your upper arm are used. When training with your own body weight training plan there are many more exercises so that your workout never gets boring.

Bodyweight Training - At home and almost anywhere

One of the advantages of training with your own body weight is the ability to do it anytime, anywhere. Small aids such as minibands can also be taken along on journeys, otherwise Bodyweight is going to be trained without any accessories. Especially those who train regularly benefit from the simple training method, simply train their fitness on the green meadow, on the beach or in a hotel room. As with all training methods, bodyweight training requires discipline. Only regular training can get your body in shape and make you fit. Depending on which workout with your own body weight is on your schedule, 15 to 45 minutes are enough for one workout. Three training sessions per week are ideal. For Bodyweight Training to have the desired effect, you have to find the line between over- and understrain. The workouts must challenge you, otherwise training with your own body weight won't bring any visible success. Increase over time and intensify the intensity of the exercises. Ideal is an increase in repetition, so your bodyweight workout is a perfect combination of cardio and strength training. All beginnings are difficult, but training without equipment will also have a positive effect on you. As you can see, there are many reasons to start your bodyweight training today.