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Robust, extra strong resistance tape for high load demands.

The superbands are available in different strengths and colors. Use diverse possible applications of the resistance bands. Use the thinner bands for sprint and strength training and benefit from a varied and effective training. For this, you can choose from numerous exercises such as – among others – lunges, running exercises, shuffles, shoulder presses, squats, and accommodating resistance training. The stronger bands are especially suitable to support pull-ups and dips. Due to less load, exercises can be carried out correctly, and also beginners are enabled to perform pull-ups and dips easily. Likewise designed for increased load and additional leverage effect in weightlifting.

Dimensions: All bands are one meter long and five mm thick, and available in eight different widths respectively, strengths.


6862P Superband 0,6 cm wide, 6 kg, orange (5mm thick) 12,90 €

6563P Superband 1,25 cm wide, 7 kg, red (3mm thick) 14,50 €

6535P Superband 1,25 cm wide, 11 kg, black (5mm thick) 13,50 €

6864P Superband 2 cm wide, 15 kg, black (5mm thick) 22,90 €

6536P Superband 2,5 cm wide, 22 kg, black (5mm thick) 24,90 €

6865P Superband 2,8 cm wide, 25 kg, purple (5mm thick) 26,90 €

6866P Superband 3,8 cm wide, 32,5 kg, green (5mm thick) 29,90 €

6537P Superband 4,5 cm wide, 32,5 kg, black (5mm thick) 33,50 €

6867P Superband 5 cm wide, 38 kg, blue (5mm thick) 49,90 €

6538P Superband 6,5 cm wide, 45 kg, black (5mm thick) 44,90 €

6868P Superband 8 cm wide, 95 kg, grey (5mm thick) 59,90 €

6869P Superband 10 cm wide, 120 kg, black (5mm thick) 69,90 €

Indication of mm informs about material thickness.