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Yoga and Pilates Accessories Variante pilates ring
Item #: 6975P
Yoga and Pilates Accessories Variante pilates ring  Perform Better USA

Yoga and Pilates Accessories Variante pilates ring

  • Gentle support for various exercises
  • Effective training for arms, legs and chest
  • Anatomically shaped handles
  • Optimal for tension and stretching exercises
Delivery time
1-3 workdays
Weight 0.63 kg

Yoga and Pilates Accessories

The Pilates Ring is manufactured of fibreglass and thereby offers higher resistance than rings of spring steel, for instance. By this, they can train abductors and adductors as well as upper arms and chest excellently. Approx. 37 cm in diameter. 

The Yoga Band is available in two different lengths. For rapid adaptation, it is equipped with a buckle. As a result, you can better take your desired pose and your agility is increased. 
The Yoga Wedge supports the wrist and is suited for everybody. Size: 30 x 20 x 7.5 cm (l/w/h). 
The Yoga Blocks consists of EVA foam. Therefore, they are soft and smooth but firm enough to back sufficiently. Size: 22.5 cm x 15 cm x 7.5 cm (l/w/h). 
The Yoga Mat is coated with a non-slip material. It is light and very dimensionally stable. 
Size: 173 cm x 61 cm x 0.3 cm (l/w/h).
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