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Yoga- and Pilates Equipment

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Yoga & Pilates Equipment

Yoga Accessories

In this country, there are yoga accessories as training aids for beginners and advanced. Some examples are

- Yoga belt

The yoga belt is made of cotton. It serves to deepen stretching exercises and helps to hold positions better.

- Yoga balls

Yoga balls stimulate trigger points or treat the spine extremely gently during training (Original Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls).

For achieving intensive stretching without risk of injury and deepening positions without straining the belts.

Yoga exercises with the Yoga Block

One of the most important yoga accessories is the Yoga Block. It serves, for example, as a base for the cross-legged seat. Especially beginners whose hips aren't that wide open find him very helpful.

Other yoga block exercises are:

- The supported shoulder bridge: here the yoga block is pushed under the sacrum and supports the spine.

- Half a candle: In this yoga exercise, the yoga block is placed under the sacrum after lifting the hip, thus relieving the weight of the legs on the upper body.

- The crescent moon: The yoga block serves here to extend the arm to the floor and gives the performer more stability.

Yoga block exercises also include yoga exercises that serve to activate the inner musculature. For example, the block can be placed between the legs and pressed together.

Yoga Sets

Yoga sets contain several aids that facilitate yoga exercises and protect joints and ligaments. However, they can also be used to reinforce and intensify the exercises. Yoga accessories can be bought cheaply from our online store.

We would also be pleased to welcome you personally in our Yoga Accessories Shop in Munich and advise you in detail.

As a pioneer in functional training, we also offer an informative podcast and interesting content on yoga equipment and yoga exercises in our newsletter, which you can subscribe to in our Fitness Shop.

Perform Better - Pilates Accessories

One sport that should be mentioned in the Core Training or Functional Training section is Pilates. Professional Pilates accessories include the Pilates ring, a Pilates ball and of course a gym mat.

- Pilates ring: with its anatomically shaped handles, the Pilates ring is ideal for pulling and stretching exercises. Upper arms and chest are trained otpimal with this Pilates accessory.

- Pilates Ball: it provides variety in Pilates training and is one of the most cost-effective Pilates equipment.

Pilates Exercises

Pilates is a workout that challenges the whole body. It is specially designed to strengthen the core muscles (abdomen, back, pelvis). Like yoga, it's all about concentration, body control and breathing. Pilates accessories reinforce the exercises and ensure an effective workout.

Pilates Shop online

Pilates accessories can be ordered from the comfort of your own home in the Pilates Accessories Shop. You'll also find books on Pilates exercises and reduced demonstrations in our Fitness Online Shop. So you can buy high quality Pilates accessories cheap online.