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Types of training weights

Fitness weights for strength training

Fitness weights help in strength training to set the stimulus for muscular adjustment. If the resistance is high enough, depending on the intensity, strength endurance, hypertrophy or maximum strength can be trained. The beauty of classic weights is that the training progress can be seen very well. If you could lift 5kg less two weeks ago, you'll be able to quickly see and note your increase here. This makes the planning and persiodization of the training simpler.

A slightly newer type of training here is training with Kettlebells. Weights for training are always kept relatively simple, including the kettlebell, but this allows a very different training variety than conventional dumbbells. These fitness weights are very dynamically built into the workout, from chipping to swinging.

Using exercise weights for fitness and fitness improvement is common knowledge, especially in strength training, but what about other types of exercise?

Training weights in bodyweight, endurance and high-speed strength training

In bodyweight training, you don't lift external weights to gain strength, after all, it's called bodyweight training. But there's nothing to argue against expanding his own body weight with external weights. A weight vest is a great help here. Each exercise becomes more challenging thanks to a weight vest and the exercises performed are still one to one bodyweight exercises. Weight vests are also popular for climbing, cross-fitting and calisthenics. Experiences of trainers here report that weight vests up to 20Lbs are completely sufficient. The exercise selection is extremely minimized because the body simply becomes too heavy to train in a variety of ways.

Weight vests are also extremely practical for endurance training during jogging or sprinting. But in both cases it is important to make sure that the weight vest is not too heavy so that the joints do not suffer. With a weight vest to increase training is quite reasonable.

In order to improve sprints in particular, weight sleds in the form of bags were developed, which the athlete pulls around his body with a belt during a sprint. Other variations to strengthen the legs in a walking motion are pushing weight sleds that can really load a lot of weight.

What weight do I need?

No matter if you want to redesign your workout with a weight vest or with other workout weights, you can buy all listed workout weights in our shop, which weights you can recommend for your workout can be read in this table:

bodyweight training

Weight Vest, Barbell

strength training

Any kind of weight can help you here.

high-speed strength

Weight sleds and medicine balls

strength endurance

Kettlebells, weight vest and smaller dumbbells