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Training Sticks

What types of training sticks are there?

Training sticks are available in different lengths and strengths. This makes it suitable for everyone from children to sturdy adults. With their different weights, the Body Bars are a challenging, affordable tool for fitness levels from beginners to professional athletes that brings variety to training.

The Body Bar Training is very versatile and strains by the different exercises muscle groups, which are in the usual training rather less strained.

The Body Bars are available in the following materials:

  • Made of wood: as a classic gymnastic pole it is often used for gymnastic exercises with children or seniors. This kind of Mobility Stick is also used in aqua gymnastics.
  • Made of plastic: The Smart Stick is used with its average length of approx. 150 cm for a more intensive mobility training.
  • Flexible plastic: The Mobility Stick, which is suitable for different types of training depending on its length. While half-length stick training is ideal for core and arm exercises, the gym stick, which is longer than the athlete's height, is suitable for stretching, balance and stability exercises. The higher the force applied to the material, the more the rod bulges and the muscles are strained.
  • Stick encased with movable rings: The fitness stick is used as a massager. With non-slip handles and movable elements in the middle area, it serves as a self-massage after intensive training and thus prevents sore muscles.
  • Steel weight bar: The body bar with its different weights is wrapped in foam and used for strength training. In addition, the weight bar can be made into a barbell with additional weight plates. So the muscles are being intensively strained.

What is the Training Stick used for?

The Training Stick is multifunctional. Any kind of training is possible. Due to the different designs and weight classes, all exercises from beginners to advanced can be carried out, from warm-up to strength and core training to stretching. With both hands included, the Training Stick ensures a straight and symmetrical posture of the body and helps perform exercises with precision.

The gym pole is a space-saving fitness tool that provides a varied body bar workout anywhere. There are countless exercises - including circuit training - that can be done with the Training Stick.

Body bar exercises (gymnastic pole approx. 1 meter length)

  • Squats: Wide deep squats with arms in front of body leaning on the standing training stick.
  • One-arm rowing: the upper body is bent forward and alternately pull the stick up backwards in the right / left arm with the Mobility
  • Biceps curl: one arm or both arms, extend and pull up the weight bar in front of the body.