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Timer & Measuring Instruments

Modern Heart Rate Monitors

Fitness trackers can not only measure time or heart rate, they can also display altitude meters and kilometers and calculate average calorie consumption from the measured data. They remind the athlete that the last activity was long ago and warn him if his pulse gets too high during training. A complete overview shows the athletic performance.

Interval Timer

Fitness timers are also often used for interval training. The intervals of effort and pause can be entered individually. Depending on whether an athlete uses the training timer for running or for a circuit training, several programs can be stored.

The interval timers also usually have a built-in stopwatch function and a countdown counter.

countdown clock

The countdown clock is a fitness timer that is often used in sports to increase performance in the last few seconds. The athlete sees that there isn't much time left for the exercise or sprint and gives everything he has.

Not only fitness enthusiasts buy a countdown clock. It can help visualize time intervals as a versatile timer. This helps children learn or adults give speeches. This tool makes time management especially easy.

Other Training Timers

Further fitness measuring devices can measure the bounce force of a sportsman. For example, there is the "Just Jump System. or the "Brower Vertical Jump. of Perform Better, which has special sensors built into a mat that measure the jump height.

For a sprint time measurement, athletes use USB light barriers on tripods. Plus, Perform Better comes with a complete fitness timer set that includes all of the accessories you need to measure

The light barrier system

Pedometers, running computers and GPS devices are also fitness timers that are often used for sports.

Fitness exercises with the Fitness Timer

Fitness timers are used to measure time while the athlete does his exercises. How fast they ran, how high they jumped and how many repetitions are possible in a certain time is shown by the respective measuring device.

Very popular and at the pulse of time is the HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training. With alternating phases of stress and recovery, the body is stressed to such an extent that it is very intensively stressed, but then cannot fully recover until the next phase of stress starts. For this purpose the interval timer is programmed in advance.

Examples of interval training with the Interval Timer are:

  • Stair flight for endurance and strength:

o Exercise phase: 1-2 minutes

o Recovery phase: 2-3 minutes

o Repeat 5 times

  • Strength Training - Circuit Training:

First exercise: push-ups

o Load phase15 seconds

o Recovery time 10 seconds

o Repeat 5 times

Second exercise: Crunches

o Load phase 15 seconds

o Recovery time 10 seconds

o Repeat 5 times

Third exercise: Squats

o Load phase15 seconds

o Recovery time 10 seconds

o Repeat 5 times

  • Running training:

o Run load phase for 5 minutes

o Recovery phase 3 minutes walk

o Repeat 5 times

Fitness timers facilitate training and give a good overview of the progress of athletic performance. It is therefore a must-have for every athlete. You can find various fitness measuring devices in the Perform Better Buy online shop.