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FMS Test Kit (Plastic) MCS Slide Box
Item #: 5198P
FMS Test Kit (Plastic) MCS Slide Box  Perform Better USA

FMS Test Kit (synthetic) MCS Slide Box

  • Determination of control potential
  • Based on the research of the Y-Balance Test
  • Clearing test for the lower body included
  • Testing for pain and mobility
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To test and evaluate functional mobility, stability, and flexibility. 
The measuring system to evaluate movement patterns objectively. Based on the test results, exercises for the improvement or correction of any weaknesses or imbalances are recommended. The functional movement tests comprise the deep squat, the hurdle step, the lunge, shoulder mobility, the active leg lift, the push-up, and the rotation stability. The simple and transportable Test Kit consists of test apparatus, hurdle, measuring instrument, and measuring stick for every test. The DVD set for advanced users shows and describes the FMS as well as exercise increases for every mobility pattern.
Product details 
  • material: synthetic 
  • dimensions: 153 x 13 x 5 cm (w/h/d) 
  • dimensions with bars: 153 x 68 x 8.5 cm (w/h/d) 

FMS DVD Set (only DVD) 
The DVD set (2 DVDs) is in English original version!
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