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Testing & Screening

The Functional Movement Screen - What is it?

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is an efficient and very reliable method for determining strengths and weaknesses of basic movement patterns. It uncovers dysfunctions, asymmetries and pain and provides results on the athlete's motor skills. The low cost of time and materials speaks clearly for the implementation of an FMS test at your clients. All you need is the FMS Test Kit, which you can take anywhere.

The Functional Movement Screen - The correct application

A total of seven movement tests form the basic framework of the Functional Movement Screen. The special exercises require both stability and full mobility. Test subjects are closely observed during exercise execution to identify weaknesses, imbalances and asymmetries. The FMS test consists of the following exercises.

  • deep squat
  • Hurdle Step
  • inline lung
  • shoulder mobility
  • Active Straight Leg Raise
  • Trunk Stability Push-Up
  • Rotary stability

The coach will award a score for each movement pattern based on this scheme:

At the end of the test, the points are added up and summarized into one conclusion. Training recommendations and action approaches can then be drawn from the data obtained.

The Y-Balance Test - What is it?

The Y-Balance Test is a simple method for the analysis of dynamic equilibrium. A special test kit has been developed to ensure standardised measurements at all times. Movement is judged by the different quadrants into which the body is divided. This offers the possibility to analyze the upper and lower body as well as the right and left side separately from each other. After passing the test, the trainer has an overall impression and can draw further conclusions relevant to the training if necessary.

Further body screening methods at a glance

Procedos Platform 9™


The Optojump measurement system is a photoelectric barrier system. In a series of jumps, it measures the respective contact time and flight time with the accuracy of one thousandth of a second.

Brower TCI-Timing System

The Brower TCI Timing System is a timing device for various walking distances and agility exercises. It is possible to simultaneously store and compare the data of several athletes at the same time.


The AlignaBod is a posture evaluation tool for physiotherapists, personal trainers and doctors. With the help of photographs of the clients in front of the "grid", deviations in posture can be visualized very easily.

Modern testing & screening procedures are also becoming more and more important in occupational health management. Employees should be motivated to lead healthier lifestyles.