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Studio Storage

Security is Professional

Security is Professional

And you need storage facilities to ensure safety. If heavy weight plates are lying all over the floor, they have to be lifted from there as well. Many trainers don't injure themselves during training, but by carelessly tidying up the heavy weights. The sentence is over, the "work" is done. Concentration drops, the next weight plate is lifted off the ground with a jerk, and the injury is there. But not with a good dumbbell rack. It makes it easier to pick up and move heavy weights.

Another advantage of such possibilities is that the equipment used gets a longer life. If you throw sandbags on the floor or leave foam rolls in every corner, the material of the expensive equipment breaks down faster. Then it's expensive to buy more and in the end you don't save any money.

Finally, it is also a question of professionalism. A training room seems unprofessional when all the tools are out of order. Coaches who hold their own want to represent themselves to the outside world.

Dumbbell stand, wall mount, disc stand...

There are numerous possibilities for storage. Starting with the classic dumbbell rack. Even the classic mat trolley or at least a wall bracket should be standard in any studio.

In addition, there are also more special storage options. When a studio likes to train hard, there's no way around a Chalk Bowl for magnesium. You'll also need a disc stand for heavy weight discs. But even the poles should not lie on the ground without real meaning, but should be safely stowed in a pole holder. Fewer accidents happen and training becomes easier.

In functional training studios, a foam roll stand should be just as much a part of it as a ball shelf for the medicine balls. Medicine balls are part of the standard repertoire of functional training. This also applies to the VIPR and she also has a special rack.

If there's not much room, for example because there's a small PT studio, training with the power blocks can be useful. Even these heavy weights can be carried better by a special stand than by the ground. This also and above all applies to weight vests. If they lie on the floor without any problem, the material rubs off very quickly. That should be avoided.